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  4. Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Fix traffic without ruining neighborhoods: Transit from Summerville to Charleston under study.


Summerville prepares for mayoral race sure to alter future of growing town. Berkeley and Dorchester are rapidly growing but the counties' rural towns are miles behind. Latest Posts. Updated 11 hrs ago. Authorities identify year-old Hanahan shooting victim.

Daily Horoscope: December 11th to December 12th

Suspect is 11 years old. Updated 10 hrs ago.

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Local News. Charleston International makes list of top 10 US airports. Latest posts in business. Charleston launching an industrywide hospitality initiative for more diverse workforce.

Scott Disick wishes Mason and Reign happy birthday with cute Instagram photo

Resy sets up 1st shop outside of NYC in Charleston, touting relationship with restaurants. Trump defends decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria. Latest posts in politics. Federal Politics. SC Sen. AP sources: Trump allies pressed Ukraine over gas firm. Updated 14 hrs ago. Latest posts in sports. Last cast nets winning fish for Summerville pro in bass tournament on Lake Hartwell. Rollins comes off the bench to lead Summerville past Ashley Ridge.

Updated 16 hrs ago. Updated 18 hrs ago.

Newsday | Long Island's & NYC's News Source | Newsday

Photos: The twice flooded town of Nichols hold positive attitude to rebuild. Oct 6, Updated Oct 5, Most popular today. SC contestant on 'The Voice' wows all 4 celebrity coaches, calls it 'most incredible thing' Gamecocks among teams wondering what to think after recruit's puzzling tweets Charleston C crew made emergency landing and broke protocol to save a sailor's life. Click on your Sun Sign at the top of the page or move the cursor on to one of the buttons on the left to embark upon your personal voyage of self-discovery.

ARIES March 21 - April 20 Mars, your ruling planet, is on fine form this year and all that is good about your sign — your courage, your confidence, your passion — will shine forth like a beacon to those who desperately need leadership. Also, with Jupiter spending almost the entire year in the most adventurous area of your chart, the urge to explore will at times be overwhelming. Keep moving and keep loving all that life has to offer you.

Behind that rather conservative Taurus exterior lurks a wild artist waiting to break free. Your public the world awaits you, so put on a mind-bending show! GEMINI May 22 - June 21 Relationships of all kinds are highlighted during the early part of and if you are looking for love, or would like to rekindle an existing affair that has lost a bit of sparkle, the Venus-Jupiter link on January 22 nd will encourage you to believe that passion is back on the menu.

Mars in your sign throughout April and well into May will boost your self-belief to such an extent that it is quite possible you will go too far and make a spectacle of yourself, but better to be noticed for all the wrong reasons than to go through life being ignored.

From January to June you will be dealing with the consequences of decisions you took towards the end of but the second half of the year will be yours to do with as you please. LEO July 24 - Aug. You are a hugely talented human being and supremely confident as well, and that combination can take you all the way to the top in However, if a person gives me their birthday day, month, year , their exact location of birth, and the exact time they were born, I can give them a scarily accurate read of their personality. What all this information does, is give me a snapshot of our galaxy at the time of birth relative to location , and tells me where all the planets are.

No one is just one sign. This is the mask we wear to the rest of the world, how we carry ourselves, our public face. To go more in depth, you can look at astrological houses there are 12, each is responsible for ruling a different area of the persons life.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Each planet also controls a different part of a person. Anyway, clearly I could go on for a long time. If you do want to learn about astrology, I write a blog devoted to it, raisinz.

I found this very interesting! However, I have a point to raise. There could be some legitimacy behind the belief that the time you are born affects your personality. Like, a baby seeing snow within days of being alive, or a baby getting sun burnt the first time they go outside could definitely change their behavior, with babies being at such an important developmental stage!

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Hello fellow Capricorn! We are lit! I understand the article you posted about depression and why it can be applicable to horoscopes. How our environment is great for understandiing why people do what they do, like a nature vs nurture type deal. Anyway, thank you for the feedback. I have never been a follower of horoscopes, but I do believe your post was organized very well.