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The knowledge of the day of his birth according to the lunar calendar makes it possible for a person to better build his own way, to understand the nature of regularities repeating in his life. The lunar number of birth will show what to look for, what to avoid and what to strive for. To calculate your lunar birthday, the sign of the Zodiac and the moon phase, fill out the form below. The duration of one lunar day is from one moonrise to another, and the entire lunar days in the lunar cycle - 29 or 30, depending on the speed of the moon. Since the lunar day does not coincide with sunny days, the lunar day can begin at any time - in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night.

It is important to take into account the fact that the lunar day, as a rule, have different duration, sometimes can last only a few hours.

The lunar cycle passes through the four main lunar phases: the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon and the last quarter. These phases of the moon since ancient times are noted in all lunar calendars.

The first lunar day is counted from the moment of the new moon. The conditional division of the lunar month according to the lunar phases is given below. The following describes the characteristics of people according to their lunar day of birth. On this day, emotional people are born who have great inner energy, and therefore long-livers. Fantasies of these people are able to come true. Creative activities are successful and bring pleasure. People of the first day can.. Those born on the 2nd lunar day are able to succeed in business, including in their own.

These people are easily arranged at work, but do not like to work under the command of someone. All problems they solve easily, often use the.. The great activity of those born this day is their trump card, as in many life situations these people are saved by determination, ability to act actively, the ability to make decisions. Endowed with great willpower, never stop,.. In people born on this day, there is some mystery, there are many rumors about them, not everyone is given to understand them.

The main danger of the people of this day is the power of melancholy, a little apathy. They often go.. Those born on the 5th lunar day have a strong magical power. And even if you do not develop your abilities, it is human nature to help people. Avoid negative emotions, not provoke others.

Horoscopes (Jan. ) | Horoscopes | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

In the lives of these people, sudden and.. Those born on the 6th lunar day can foresee some event, much of what they say is coming true. These people should be listened to. And they themselves can not scatter words, pronounce out loud something that it is better never to.. People born on the 7th lunar day have good memory, strong health and a developed sense of humor. Often they do not have their own opinions, they are not capable of deep understanding, serious feelings.

Have a strong character and.. Born on this day are extremely attractive for their internal qualities. They are smart, smart, decent, hardworking and friendly. They are distinguished by an extraordinary vision of life, ingenuity. They are interesting in.. If you were born on this day, avoid critical situations, learn to bypass the "sharp corners". Most situations, one way or another, a person creates himself. Do not provoke conflicts and do not participate in them. In people on the.. People born on this day are strongly associated with their ancestors and their kind.

Endowed with excess energy, they are energy donors for other people, and this benefits them. These people are charming, have great power over.. These people have excellent mental abilities, extraordinary thinking. They are very strong and almost unpredictable, they can expect daring judgments and unexpected actions. The people of this day can control their power, but they..

They are good, bright people, called to help every word and deed, to bring good into the world. They are trusting, modest, merciful, charming. People of the 12th lunar day have well developed cardiac, emotional chakras. They are.. On the 13th lunar day, restless, very sensitive people are born. They are easy to rise, sociable, receptive to information. They have a wonderful memory, so they learn everything "playfully". They can do several things at once,.. People born on the 14th lunar day are considered "elected. They are peculiar: intuition, insights, providence. People of this day are able to achieve success in trade.

They are helped by remarkable working capacity and highly developed intellect.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

In study and work, they highlight the main thing and are only interested in it, not exchanging.. Born in the 16th l. These qualities help to find a way out of any difficulties. It doesn't matter if it's coming from without, or coming from within, someone is going through the ringer. There is confusion that could be mitigated once you lose the need to keep responding to things in the same old way.

If you can rise above that urge you will begin to see that it's time to start turning these patterns to your advantage instead of continuously getting steamrolled by things that drive you into the ground. There is goodness to be found in all of this. People always seem to require more from you than you're able to give. It's hard to know how to handle it. The bigger part of you has a deep desire to be here for this — but another part of you is dying to be here for yourself. Finding a way to balance the need for independence with the desire to feel safe and secure has you feeling a little nuts.

Doing anything that involves movement will help you neutralize some of this. Exercise can be anything and it's all well and good, but the greater part of this balancing act is emotional, and it's that piece that will take longer to resolve. What happens next needs to be decided from the inner sanctum. Because there is no prescription to tell you where to go from here.

And you can't guide your choices by what your peers are doing. This situation is totally unique to you. Within it, the answers lie in your ability to listen to your inner voice and follow your heart.

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Second guessing yourself is bound to stall what could turn out to be the time of your life. If nothing makes sense, know that certainty is an illusion. At this point your lessons could very well involve doing things that make no sense at all. Nobody gets to you the way a certain so-and-so gets to you. And this is either feeling bad or good depending on where you stand with each other.

In some ways it's OK to care this much or be this involved. On another level it's gotten to the point where you could use some time and enough distance to return to yourself. Lots of things have shifted in the last few months. What matters now looks a lot different than it did before things got so intense. One way or another, you could use a break and a little time to figure out where you're really at with yourself. You have so much going for you it would be great if you could find a way to make it pay off.

Most of your time gets spent renting your genius, your skill, your good looks, or your sweat to things that don't reap much, or to things that barely keep you going.

Money Horoscope For Cancer

For the next few months the more you can focus on the idea that you're worth way more than you give yourself credit for the more your experience will begin to show you how true this is. The same thing goes for your relationships; when it comes to love it will do no good to expect anything less than the best. A trip to the Moon would be less interesting than the scenario you're in.

How things got this loony is hard to figure but, as long as you're willing to roll with the punches, it'll work out just fine.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - October 09

For the next few months life is going to be about noticing your behavior in situations that involve invasive people and over-the-top expectations. The tendency to be a pushover could see you falling prey to those who can't take care of themselves, or who use you as a means to an end. It's time to consider your own worth and be clear about where you stop and other people begin.

You keep wondering when what has been over the top is going to ease up and start looking like "normal. Life is about being able to face the truth, knowing that it will only set you free when you learn to live with it. That being said, you've got more than your share of stuff, and coming to terms with it will require you to take one thing at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day; be patient with yourself. Riding high on whatever the story is, you've got to be feeling pretty good right now.

For some of you this is something that you have every right to feel joyful about. For others? Sometimes we wind up in situations that look absolutely blissful, only to find out that it is a huge karmic test. If you're sitting pretty, and everything has fallen into your lap without too much effort on your part, you'd do well to hold back and take a minute to figure out if you belong here. Chances are there's a hole in the situation.

Outer appearances are deceiving.