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Fill out my Wufoo form! No, thanks! Want to move? By AstroFix How to. Where are the Cusps in an Astrology Chart? House cusps. Where are the Houses? Reading the Houses In the example below, the 1st house is in Capricorn. The astrological sign Capricorn covers the point where the 1st house cusp intersects the sign. The 2nd house is in Aquarius. The astrological sign Aquarius covers the point where the 2nd house cusp intersects the sign. Find Your Rulers Each astrological sign has a symbol, or glyph, associated with it.

House Rulers: In Houses

Modern and Traditional House Rulers. The modern ruler is Uranus. The modern ruler is Neptune. The modern ruler is Pluto.

how to determine the ruler of the house in the houses

Interception Aquarius covers the 2nd house cusp, therefore Uranus is the ruler of the 2nd house. Double Cusps In this example Gemini covers the 5th and 6th house cusps, so Mercury rules the 5th and 6th house. Having fun yet? No, this sucks. The Goddess Nut, British Museum. The division of the signs between Leo and Cancer is not arbitrary. There is a hidden message in this arrangement. This is the duality between the signs and houses represented by the division between Leo on the left and Cancer on the right.

Another way to present this is to say that as we stand on the Earth, the vault of heaven with the zodiac signs and planets move above us while Earth appears to be fixed. This image below shows this concept of the Earth God Geb prone on the Earth extending his penis as the fixed zenith pole with the revolving stars of the Sky Goddess Nut in eternal coitus with Geb. Joined together in eternal reproduction, they create Life on Earth as the union of fixed earth and rotating sky.

There is another level of meaning behind this image of Nut, Goddess of the Sky with the God Geb representing Earth in coitus together. This is the duality of rotating Heaven with a fixed Earth. They do a daily dance each day creating life on Earth. This division between Cancer and Leo is not arbitrary or coincidence. The duality of opposite motion splits the zodiac between Cancer and Leo.

House Rulers

This structure is present in the meaning of the astrological signs and houses we use in astrology today. The Egyptians placed great importance on the Sun being reborn every morning at sunrise and dying at sunset as the Goddess Nut swallowed the Sun.

Note that the Egyptians were obsessed with the horizon at the Ascendant sunrise and the Descendant sunset. They were constantly tracking the distance between the Sun and the horizon. Goddess Nut swallowing the Sun to be reborn at Sunrise. We know the Egyptians carefully measured and tracked the astronomical movement of the Sun against the constellations.

The Egyptians were the masters of astronomy in the ancient world. The Hellenistic period consisted of an amalgamation of concepts that have become our Western horoscopic astrology of today. This dual structure of opposite motion between Cancer and Leo is still present in the meaning of the astrological houses we use today in astrology. The most common house meanings per Houlding are: It has only been since the 20th century that astrological authors have assigned Aries to the first house, Taurus to the second house, Gemini to the third house, Cancer to the fourth houses, etc. This is a very new invention over the past years.

The Leo House Count fits perfectly with the traditional meanings, except there is confusion about the Sixth — Twelfth axis. The signs are reversed between these two methods. These are the only two houses that are mixing up the principles of Pisces and Virgo. The function of these two houses need to be un-snarled and separated. We have various writers confusing health and sickness, work and subservience, secret enemies, fate and karma between these two houses.

The karmic association comes from the Vedic tradition of associating the lunar nodes which the Jyotish consider to be karmic with the Twelfth House. If one is sympathetic to the weaker, non-conformist elements of our social group, I would place that with Pisces.

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Musicians, artists, poets, psychics, mental illness, illegal drugs fit Pisces. If one is weak or ill, there is the need for servants and nurses to care for you. Non-conformity to rules, keeping secrets, having an underground associates would be with Pisces and the Sixth. Tobey 17 thought that Pisces was the best sign for being a spy and keeping secrets. Pisces have empathy for the unfortunate, they wants to help them. It is mass psychology and groupthink.

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If we assign Virgo to the Twelfth, it is the socially practical sign of Virgo that will build the institutions to house the non-conformists and the weak, like mental institutions, hospitals and prisons, all places of confinement. We separate the contagious from the healthy. We imprison the criminal to protect the social group. We build institutions to house the mentally ill or disabled.

Virgo will build a place to institutionalize them, to protect the rest of us. It is a place of service to our social group. If one works as an employee, then that work is assigned to the Twelfth for work and service. These two houses badly need to be separated in functions. Our astrological community has been quite limited in that all the recent research of astrological history is constrained only to written texts. We need to study and incorporate these astrological images that hold hidden information in our study of this very old practice and modern usage of Heaven on Earth.

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The Great Debate on House Rulership

The only exception is the Sixth and Twelfth but even these two are only changing which function belongs between them. Carefully look at the traditional list of house functions and see how well the Leo house count fits them like a glove. I believe this is the correct rulership of the houses, a long debated issue that cannot be put to rest.

This is the most logical explanation for the design behind the houses. I hope that open-minded people will investigate the truth in these discoveries. It functions well and gives a new perspective on the Sixth-Twelfth House issue. Read my book, Foundations of Astrology , on Amazon for the answers where I examine the hidden patterns left by the Egyptians, the creators of horoscopic astrology.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Twelfth House 15 Firmicus: enemies, slaves, defects, illness, bad spirit. Al-Biruni: enemies, misery, prison, fines, fear, disease, cattle, slaves, servant, exile Lily: secret enemies, witches, self-undoing, imprisonment, horses, oxen elephants Moderns: Seclusion, service, charity, unconscious, escapism, mysticism. Sixth House 16 Firmicus: infirmities and sickness Al-Biruni: sickness, body defects, overwork, slaves, maids Lily: sickness and disease, servants, labourers, small animals.

Moderns: work, subordinates, chores, health We have various writers confusing health and sickness, work and subservience, secret enemies, fate and karma between these two houses. The modernist attitude believes that only the most recent work is any good, and the traditionalist attitude thinks that anything modern is hopelessly flawed and corrupt. Without qualification — these positions are both wrong.

And if you disagree with me, fine. But that is my position, take it or leave it! I have a Scorpio Moon. Ibid, Introduction, p. Paul, MN,