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The Essential Dignity of a planet does not account for a planet's chart location houses, angles , star alignments or aspects. Exalted locations are based on astronomical positions star alignments. They have nothing to do with signs or Naksahtras. Their origin preceded a sign-based zodiak. Extending exaltations beyond a couple degree orb to an entire sign is unsound, as the stars expressing through an exalted location bring awareness to a planet's Gnostic role.

It is where the nature of a planet expresses independently with heightened awareness and with knowledgable authority. Mercury, for example, is exalted in mid-sidereal Virgo conjoining Porrima and Vindemiatrix, which impart higher perceptual capacities, hence exalting Mercury's nature and accentuating premonition, telepathic and related abilities. Mercury is also the ruler of Virgo, thus being strong throughout the sign, but Mercury is only heightened at its exalted location.

In this case I would place significant emphasis on Saturn, its placement, etc. I would not place the same emphasis on Saturn if the ascendent were in earlier Libra. The discovery chart of the Dwarf Planet OR10 is an example of this exact configuration. Likewise, a planet is only at its "fall," at the degree opposite its exaltation, not throughout the entire sign. Here a planet is submissive or passive only in the sense that it is influenced far more by the nature of the sign, whether it is dignified or in detriment by rulership, its star alignments, and by its aspects and house placement.

Dispositions do not automatically imply a good or bad situation, that they are strengthening or debilitating, or create easy or hard planetary relationships. They reveal the transcendent neurological wiring of the planets involved, and this can occur in empowering ways, challenging ways, or even in paradoxical or confusing ways.

Thus, the nature and strength of the planets, signs, stars, aspects, chart placement house , level of dignity or debilitation, etc. If a planet rules an air sign in a masculine expression, it rules an earth sign in a feminine expression. If it rules a fire sign in a masculine expression, it rules a water sign in a feminine expression. The Moon rules the water element, and is feminine and nocturnal in nature. The Sun rules the fire element, and is masculine and diurnal in nature.

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The sextile, trine and opposition aspects occur between the Sun considered masculine and the planetary rulers of the masculine signs, and between the Moon considered feminine and the planetary rulers of the feminine signs, indicating more harmonious and compatible relations. Conversely, the semi-sextile, square and quincunx aspects occur between the Sun and the planetary rulers of the feminine signs, and between the Moon and the planetary rulers of the masculine signs, indicating more challenging relations.

Planetary elements are not fixed. In classical Vedic literature, you will often see Mercury associated with earth, and Saturn with air. However, Mercury, being associated with the intellect, thought, communication, more so corresponds with the air element. Saturn, being of concretized structure and form, more so corresponds with the earth element. While normally Leo is the little starlet, I shun phony ideologies such as elitism and snobbery — not just if they were exhibited within myself, but esp coming from other people.

Im rebellious against societal pressures and other bullshit facades. Im uncomfortable with phony compliments and other pretentious fuckery. And Im very blunt about it. The Leo part of me is also very forgiving tho, as long as youve not passed the point of no return ie, doing something so awful I cannot forgive And as long as you have the balls to face me Mars in Aries If you cant, I lose respect.

Its the regal side of me that has modesty, chivalry and can freely admit when its wrong. The part of me who takes responsibility for things I do. The part that owns her own bullshit. My Asc is Leo — the Sun is my chart ruler.

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This is why I say, even tho Im a Gemini, Aries and Leo dominate my personality and chart and makes me more like them Leo is also where my sunnier happy-go-lucky disposition and optimism shines thru all the intense temper. Popping back to the top…. Uranus in Scorpio: Scorp is co-ruled by Mars, so it makes a diff branch of the tree- Forceful and determined, this is what gives me a lot of my intensity.

And makes me quite rebellious and non-conformist. This is probably one of the scariest placements in my chart, esp since it speaks thru Mars in Aries and Mars co-rules scorpio. You will not force shit on me…. But I could very much be if you do something wretched, and esp if I dont gaf about you. Mostly how I will do that, is to fall back on my Jupiterian Gemini for a strategy that will severely wound your ass and pluto in libra: the punishment will fit the crime Or fall back on Mars in Aries and hurt you physically.

Its fortunately never come to that latter as of yet. I feel compelled to add Uranus Neptune and Pluto are all generational planets. If it sounds scary and over the top, its meant to. Fire has its grander purpose… but its also take no prisoners at the end of the day. Of all things, I prefer to be silly and laid back….

I get physically ill when people demonstrate elitist tendencies NOT an exaggeration. Besides regular astrology, its a little known fact I also specialize in Karmic astrology. Its the branch that deals with past lives, karmic lessons and soul mates. But my chart takes on a whole different tone, when you look at it karmically:.

Saturn in Leo in the 12th: Placement of royalty. Uranus in Scorpio in the 3rd: Suggests many people suffered at the hands of my rebellion in a past life. When you glomp all that together, I was probably not a good person. The dispositor is both the punishment and a reward. And to cultivate peace and cooperation. And that is what makes me tick. It is not without its pitfalls, without its problems and casualties. And my anger can get away from me.

But that is the burden my chart bears and the karmic price to be paid. If you want to find your dispositor, this table should help you.. It is in glyph form but they are labeled so that will help you quickly identify the symbols in your chart For finding dispositor, you want to look at the ruler column exclusively, tho its a handy chart for finding placements in your chart that are exalted, in detriment and that fall as well.

You can do your chart at astro. Some astrologers do consider 2 or more but like everything in astrology, we are divided on that lol For example. I get physically ill when people demonstrate elitist tendencies NOT an exaggeration Besides regular astrology, its a little known fact I also specialize in Karmic astrology. But my chart takes on a whole different tone, when you look at it karmically: Saturn in Leo in the 12th: Placement of royalty. Pluto in Libra in the 3rd: One who rules with an iron fist.

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The hangman, the executioner. But Ann has other aspirations. This made it hard for her to endure the pressure, competition, and frequent disappointments of auditions. She felt she should be chosen for roles without having to audition, because of her past work and reputation. Her talent naturally drew attention from the public.

She won auditions for several excellent theatrical roles. Sue is a highly paid administrative secretary at a large corporation, serving upper management. She has a very visible position, and is a well-known figure at her company. One day Sue called to tell me that she was quitting her job after thirteen years.

I realized I had to break free in order to realize my teenage dream of becoming a great writer. She was individuating rapidly.

What is My Calling in Life?

My mother has Mercury in Gemini conjunct the Midheaven, and she has been a professional journalist and editor since the s. He was a child prodigy who went on to tour internationally and recorded many CDs. Allow me a brief digression on the charts of musicians.

Writer’s Guidelines

Musical talent can be indicated by strong placement of Venus near the angles or in prominent aspects to other planets. Jazz guitarist John Scofield has Venus conjunct Pluto, an apt symbol for his intense, biting, bluesy sound. David Crosby has Venus closely conjunct the north node in Virgo. This type of relationship between a focal Venus and a career in the arts can also be applied to other planets.

It may signify any occupation involving bravery, heroism, and valor, or strong motivation and initiative. A similar profile is seen in those with other strong placements of Mars or planetary emphasis in Aries, which denotes energy, physicality, competitiveness. However, things were not going so well. She was facing obstacles, classes were not filling up, she was losing money. Jen asked me if I thought she should accept defeat and close the center. I noted that nine months in the future transiting Saturn in Cancer was going to be conjunct her natal Sun-Jupiter.

The unfolding of her goal of becoming a teacher and creating a vibrant yoga community could most confidently be expected to come to fruition at the time of this transit. We discussed how astrology teaches us patience, faith, and right timing. I suggested that, as part of her training as a yoga teacher, she might strive to release false ego pride Sun-Pluto in Leo. She could also develop her own feminine, Great Mother, Cancerian style as a teacher—for example, by having food at her yoga center, seasonal celebrations, child care, a family environment, and warm hospitality.

She implemented many of these suggestions. This is the best response to any Saturn transit—focus and sustained effort. Raul, the husband of Una discussed earlier is a software engineer. Spirituality is a growing interest for him, which has grown even stronger recently with transiting Uranus square his Sun-Neptune. Here is yet another way that astrology exceeds any other comparable tool for personal guidance, because it can illuminate how a path to God and enlightenment are valid life goals.

Finding the Final Dispositor

He should position himself by establishing trust and by demonstrating his competence and reliability. Another advantage vocational astrology has over other methods of vocational guidance is the wisdom it teaches us about timing. For example, the monthly lunation cycle and the progressed lunation cycle are important indicators of seasonal phases and rhythms of life and career.

We have to wait out those times with faith, prayer, and surrender. More active or culminating periods of professional activity can be anticipated during transits of the outer planets to the Midheaven or its dispositor, or to the natal Sun and its dispositor, as well as during the progressed lunar trine, and the progressed Full Moon, as well as transits or progressions to the Midheaven or its dispositor, the Sun or its dispositor. Especially important in understanding timing in vocational development is the Jupiter-Saturn transit cycle, discussed below.

Vocational astrology teaches us how the seasons of business and professional life are correlated with planetary cycles and transits.

Ask Kevin: Interpreting Sole Dispositors

This awareness is especially important when working with business owners, private practitioners, and self-employed people, who face the issue of fluctuating income. By following our transits we can understand when the well is likely to be full, and when the well may be less full. For example, during Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, business tends to be slower for everyone. Periodically we need the lesson of survival, focusing on bare essentials, cutting away unnecessary attachments and luxuries, and sharing, to some small degree, in the survival stresses affecting many people around the world.

In any vocational path there are likely to be long periods of gestation of creative work, or total obscurity or lack of recognition. These periods require that we sustain ourselves as best we can, and continue to work, create, and emanate light through whatever activities make us feel happy: music, writing, astrology, sports, flying airplanes. Whatever we love to do, we do it for it own sake, not to win accolades from the world.

Our goal is to fulfill the whole chart, not just the career indicators. With Sun conjunct Jupiter-Saturn, he was fully identified with his career and social role. But not everybody is like that. There are some people whose calling in life is to devote themselves to children, music, community organizing, cooking, scholarship, art, gardening, poetry.

Insight Astrology

Neptune poses some unique challenges in career and vocational development. At these times we need to cultivate faith, imagination, and trust in the unknown. For example, any time transiting Neptune is conjunct, square, or opposite natal Saturn we can expect to pass through a period of uncertainty about our goals and ambitions. We might have to accept delays or defeat of our ego strivings. She was advancing in her work as an artist, allowing her imagination to take flight, and she was deeply studying dreams, meditation, and astrology.

But Beth felt she needed some concrete plan for getting her life together. She has Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius, the sign of education. Jupiter, the planet of teaching and education, is on the Ascendant. She has a strong intellectual nature, and needs further study and education. Beth came to understand how the Neptune transit to natal Saturn was allowing new goals to emerge from within, which she could pursue during subsequent transits, now that the Neptune meltdown period was almost over. Neptune can also represent compassion, and interest in mental illness and mental health.

Ella, a psychiatric nurse, returned home to care for her aging mother while transiting Saturn was conjunct her natal Moon-Saturn in Cancer. Also, transiting Neptune was conjunct her IC; she was shocked to find her mother living in a dilapidated, rundown house. She came to understand how her career choice originated in her desire to help her mother, and others like her. The most difficult Neptune cases involve profound confusion, delusions, lack of commitment to concrete goals, or the occasional extreme space cases.

I sometimes see these aspects in cases of people who feel strong disillusionment with their place in the world, disappointments with their fathers and with their own achievements, a lack of focus or an inability to commit to a course of action. But at a higher level of expression, Saturn-Neptune aspects can blend vision and reality, potentiality and concreteness. Ed deftly weds vision and imagination, and his practical skills with money Taurus and investment to make big things happen.