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Though your childhood may have been difficult, your outlook improves as you age and thanks to your healthy habits, you maintain a youthful appearance. Saturn, the planet of discipline, is your ruler, regardless of your Sun sign. Its position by house, by sign, and by aspect, points to areas where you have to pay your dues, face down your fears, and create structures in order to achieve your potential. Aquarius rising: You have dozens of interests, legions of friends, and a cool, amiable personality.

Unexpected events, especially in childhood, made you wary and conscious of the need to protect yourself.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

More than that, you resist change and authority. Why should anyone else have power over you?

Shy The Gemini: Cancer ♋️/The 4th House/Imum Coeli In Your Natal Chart

Rebellious Uranus, planet of the unexpected, is your ruler, regardless of your Sun sign. Before its discovery in , astrologers assigned sovereignty of Aquarius to another ruler: Saturn, the planet of limitation and self-discipline. By sign, by house, and by aspect, both planets play powerful roles in your chart. Moody and idealistic, you have powerful artistic and psychic abilities.

At your most self-actualizing, you can mobilize your inner forces and turn daydreams into realities. But when wishful thinking gets out of hand, you can be gullible, passive, and too submissive for your own good. Fortunately, you also have a yearning for creative and spiritual fulfillment that can keep you on track. Elusive Neptune, the planet of inspiration, is your ruler, no matter what your Sun sign is. Its position in your chart by house, by sign, and by aspect, indicates an area of ideals, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment.

You also have a co-ruler: Jupiter, the planet associated with Pisces prior to the discovery of Neptune in Outgoing Leos are a dime a dozen. Hermit Leos, like my friend Howard, are a rarity. So how come he shies away from relationships and prefers to stay home, nursing his modem? No wonder he stays home. By definition, the Descendant is always exactly opposite your rising sign. For example, if you have Cancer rising, your Descendant is Capricorn. A less powerful point than your Ascendant, the Descendant determines the approach you take toward marriage and partnerships.

Your Descendant provides the answer:. If you have Aries rising: Your Descendant is in Libra. Your ideal relationship is egalitarian, and your perfect partner, unlike yourself, is poised and balanced, a force for harmony — the very quality you need the most. If you have Taurus rising: Your Descendant is Scorpio.

Your best possible partner is sexually passionate, emotionally intense, and fully willing to engage in intimate conversation. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Midheaven in Leo – Superstars

If you have Gemini rising: Your Descendant is Sagittarius, which suggests that the best partner for you is an independent person of strong beliefs who can expand your world. You romanticize relationships and may marry more than once. But since when is that a crime?

If you have Leo rising: Your Descendant is Aquarius, which means that although you may think that you want a dazzling, swashbuckling companion, your ideal mate is actually a unique and stimulating freethinker with whom you feel a lively mental connection. If you have Virgo rising: Your Descendant is Pisces, which suggests that your ideal partner is a sympathetic, adaptable person who can help you stop that crazy worrying thing you do.

You may dream of someone as organized and efficient as yourself. Notice how you keep not getting it? If you have Libra rising: Your Descendant is Aries, which suggests that the ideal mate for you is someone with an independent streak and a fiery personality who can stir up your enthusiasms, energize you, and help you deal with conflict. If you have Scorpio rising: Your Descendant is Taurus. The most natural partner for you is down-to-earth, trustworthy, and stubborn enough to resist your considerable blandishments. If you have Sagittarius rising: Your Descendant is Gemini, suggesting that you may postpone commitment out of a fear of being tied down.

If you have Capricorn rising: Your Descendant is Cancer, which means that you need a warm, supportive mate who can soften you up by giving you the security and the home-cooked meals you crave. Traditional relationships are best for you. How come some people grow up in ordinary circumstances and yet end up in the strangest careers? The Midheaven, also known as the M. Other factors in your choice of career include planets in the tenth house, the planet that rules your Midheaven, and planets in the sixth house of work.

The Midheaven is the highest point on the ecliptic and in your chart. The M. Which one? Some astrologers think it refers to the mother, others to the opposite-sex parent, still others to the most influential parent. You choose. Directly opposite the Midheaven is the I. The I. Either way, your I. The easiest way to get an accurate copy of your chart is to go on the Internet. Free charts are available from www. The Midheaven affects your attitude toward career. Aries Midheaven: You have a daring attitude toward your career. What you do mind is being powerless.

Being your own boss is your best move. Your I. Taurus Midheaven: Security matters. You need to do something tangible in your career — and whatever it is, you need to receive substantial rewards. Fortunately, you have the stamina to make it happen. Gemini Midheaven: In your career, you require diversity, intellectual stimulation, and the ability to fulfill your curiosity. Writing is favored, as is anything involving other forms of communication.

You also benefit from the chance to take frequent jaunts out of the office. You agree with the Gemini writer G. Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Imum Coeli Astrology. Add a comment. I think that when one has Leo on the IC, or also called the nadir, there will be much energy within the home, which is the IC the cusp of the 4th House which is a very strong Angular House along with the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th Houses. Leo is like a bright star wherever it is placed because Leo is ruled by Our Sun and without Our Sun we would die.

So Leo IC inclines me to believe that there would be much focus on home and family. If there are any planets in the 4th House then this will strengthen the Leo Energy in your chart.

Aries IC/Libra MC

If your 4th House is unoccupied look to your Sun for more information about your home and family, which is really what the 4th House represents. I would be inclined to think that the home might be the "Fun House" as nobody likes to have fun more than Leo. Possibly some type of entertainment ruled by Leo is shared in the family home.

Hope this is helpful. For some reason the IC often is "neglected" as the Midheaven gets all of the attention. But when you think about it makes sense. When we look at a tree we always see the tall branches and leaves 10th House but we don't actually "see" the root system 4th House. Nobody looks at a tree and says, "Man check out the root system on that tree! Good luck and bless you. You never say or write anything unless there is a good reason. You can be quite harsh with speech and your voice intimidates people. Capricorn on the 4th house-A great disciplinarian and household organiser.

Grew up in s sheltered but strict household. Capricorn on the 5th house-Able to easily combine business and pleasure.

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Large appetite for sex. Can be insatiable. Capricorn on the 6th house-Extremely hard worker. Very serious and focused on your profession. Health is related to job. If you overwork yourself you may become ill. Capricorn on the 7th house-Marries late in life and it may be for status. Cautious in relationships and business related endeavors.

May be attracted to older partners. Capricorn on the 8th house-Likes control during sex. Enjoys being dominant. May like bondage as they can be quite kinky. An inheritance is likely and they are good st handling other peoples money. They are very resourceful. Good at managing and organizing tasks and people.

Good st business. Bound to succeed. Capricorn on the 11th house-Hopes and wishes are often dominated by a desire for security, you choose stable, conservative, and established people as friends. Lifelong friendships here. Capricorn on the 12th house-More conservative than they care to admit. Sometimes limited by unconscious fears, their hidden strength is the discipline that enables them to work hard behind the scenes. They can be trusted with secrets. Aquarius on the 1st house-Strange expression and gestures.

Appearance may change a lot. Quite tall but slender. Rounder face. Aquarius on the 3rd house-Very noticeable voice and laugh. Distinct handwriting. Intelligent but weird siblings. But dating life is interesting but has many ups and downs. Bounces around a lot with hobbies and interests.

Aquarius on the 6th house-Spontaneous. May encounter weird illnesses. Aquarius on the 7th house-Enjoys freedom loving partners. Wants a spontaneous partner. Aquarius on the 8th house-Can be very kinky. Loves taboo or weird stuff.

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  • Can be very much into the occult. Aquarius on the 9th house-Strange or out of the blue beliefs. Experimental and likes to experience everything. Aquarius on the 10th house-Weird public persona. Funny person to the public. Aquarius on the 11th house-Has many acquaintances but not too many close friends. The weird friend. Aquarius on the 12th house-Secretly weird.

    Pisces on the 1st house-Selfless, kind, and compassionate. Somewhat ghostly presence. Pisces on the 2nd house-Losing what you love is the greatest way to take away from your value and security. Pisces on the 3rd house-Soft and gentle voice. Grabs attention. Has a deep, introspective mind. Great love for siblings. Pisces on the 4th house-Great love for family. Selfless when it comes to their family and loved ones. Maybe idealized their mother when she might not have done such s great job of parenting.

    Very vulnerable with family. Capable of being manipulated by those closest to them. Yearning for deep soul mate connections. Might date or fall in love with someone who is psychic or extremely artistic. Pisces on the 6th house-Health is largely dependent upon your emotional state. Very selfless. Derives satisfaction by helping others. Pisces on the 7th house-Needs an artistic and selfless partner.

    May be out of touch with reality but is compassionate. Pisces on the 8th house-Transcendental sex. Soul bonding occurs during sex. Soul bonding is what brings about transformations. Pisces on the 9th house-Religion and spirituality play a large role in your life. Pisces on the 11th house-May have toxic friends. Friends may introduce you to drugs and alcohol.

    Nonetheless you may have compassionate and caring but elusive friends. You express a great, selfless love for friends. Aries on the 7th house-Strong partner. Protective of friends and loved ones. Aggressive way of handling disputes. Aries on the 9th house-Passionate about beliefs. Freedom fighter.

    Marches in protests. Aries on the 10th house-Determined.

    Taurus IC/Scorpio MC

    Strong public persona. Police officers. Aries on the 11th house-Protective and living friend. Bold friend. The one ready to fight. Takes you on adventures. Taurus on the 1st house-Beautiful and delicate features. Earthy presence. Down to earth and kind. Taurus on the 2nd house-Practical about money. Good at business. Determined and possessive over possessions. Taurus on the 4th house-Comes from a kind and loving family. Home is beautiful and luxurious. Good interior decorator. Nice taste. Taurus on the 8th house-Sensual and enjoys sex. May have a sex addiction.

    Downfall may be greed and lust. Taurus on the 12th house- Secretly really down to earth. Greed is part of their karma.

    Astrology and the IC - Ellie Mae Astrology

    Calm and enjoys being at home. Gemini on the 6th house-May worry too much. May have trouble gaining weight. Cancer on the 1st house-Soft, round features. Sweet and kind. Very feminine. Great love for family. Cancer on the 4th house-Loves family. Believe in harmony, compassion and love.

    Home is where the heart is. Cancer on the 5th house-Spends time taking care of others and doing tasks around the home. The type of child who enjoys chores and spending time with other the family. Cancer on the 7th house-Sweet and loving partner is who they need and what they want. Likes to be nurtured and likes to nurture in relationships. Cancer on the 8th house-Gentle sex. Values intimacy. Keeper of peoples secrets. Very intuitive. Cancer on the 9th house-Gets emotional and greatly appreciates travel an college. College gives you a sense of togetherness, and you can find your true friends there.

    Travel is an experience you take to heart. Cancer on the 10th house-The mother of society. Known to help others. People greatly appreciate your presence.