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But other states of snake have different interpretations ; attacking position-treachery, biting-business may be injured, walking over them-sickness,killing a snake-victory in work but after difficulties,little snakes around-defame. Tree : Seeing a tree in general denotes happiness,abundance and good news but a sapling tree indicates poverty,a dead tree foretells unhappiness,a tree with leaves turning yellow tells of sickness.

Climbing a tree foretells elevation in life and work,taking fruits from the tree indicates inheritance from elderly people. Water : Water dreams in general indicates abundance and joyful enjoyment. Muddy water tells sorrow and illness. Drawing water from a fountain suggests fortune through a beautiful young wife. Falling into water or walking into it foretells marriage with wrong person.

Different ways in which water is seen indicates many different things. Numbers : It could be a number written on something or particular number of objects or you may visit a place particular number of times. As in numerology, if name appears in dreams it should be calculated to evaluate a number. The interpretations about numbers are same as in numerology.

Besides single digit numbers, karmic numbers 11,22, Colors : Clear and rich color indicates positive effects whereas dull or muddy colors are a sign of negative aspects. Different colors have been assigned different numbers that have interpretations same as in numerology. Other colors stand for black-malice, white-purity and grey-conventionality. Sighting of great and holy people, temples, place of pilgrimage, auspicious objects, birds and animals are considered good and such dreams as auspicious.

Sighting of great and holy people: Sighting of great and holy people in the dream augurs well. Following is a discussion about different categories of great and holy people. Similarly, sighting of other great and pious people gives similar result. Blessing by them also signifies greater fortune. Sighting of temples and place of pilgrimage -. Apart from these, sighting of lepers, handicapped people, aeroplane, ship, peon, barber, board, bottle, cage, naked person, crown, acid, bread, hell, cowherd, ornaments, grocer, enemy, stable, sinking person, heap of wood, rice, shrivelled tree, prisoner, killer, wall, guest, orphanage, bangles, flames of fire, forest, breaking of the nest, receiving and giving of bribe, stones and pebbles, pony, eclipse, brooms, and metals in the dream is extremely inauspicious indicates ill omens for the dreamer.

Thus, sighting of apparent auspicious events in the dream has mixed results. Such events in the dream usually augur well but might indicate bad omens as well. Sighting of auspicious things and insignia almost always gives auspicious results. It is not possible to give a complete description of all the auspicious things in a brief frame. Hence whatever things you would regard as auspicious in the society will give you auspicious results if sighted in the dream.

Strange dreams. Premonition dreams. Dreams those reflect real life. Strange dreams :. Premonition dreams:. Dreams that show real thing :. First quarter of the night that lasts one and a half to two hours. Second quarter of the night that also lasts about two hours. Third quarter of the night that has duration of two hours.

Fourth quarter of the night. It overlaps with dawn. Early morning. Experts and analysts of dreams believe that the dreams, which one has during the first quarter of the night, take one year to show their effect.

Kannada astrology halli shakuna

Dreams of the second quarter manifest their effects within 8 to 10 months. Dreams of the third quarter materialise within 3 to 5 months whereas dreams, which one has during the fourth quarter or Brahma Muhurta, show their effects instantaneously or within a month. Dreams of early morning period are virtually ineffective for they are an outcome from state of half sleep.

Auspicious dreams: Sighting of cow, elephant, cadaver, girls, silver utensils and ornaments, learned Brahmin, king, mourning in the home are considered as auspicious signs. Moon, a tree in full bloom, beautiful garden, idols of deity or great people, temple of Lord Shiva, oxen, chariot or other vehicle, lotus, white cloth, astrologer, cotton, dancing troupe and book in the dream is definitely an auspicious sign.

Similarly, performing actions like touring through the places of pilgrimage, conquering enemies, riding a horse, bathing in sacred rivers and meeting ascetics in the dream also show auspicious sign. Apart from these sighting of divine objects, eating rice and curd, drinking sherbet and delivering lectures are also auspicious sign. Inauspicious dreams: Dreams in which one sights a shrivelled tree, ghost, giants, dried well, or pond, buffalo, owl, burning pyre, solar eclipse, accident etc.

Similarly, wearing black or red clothes, getting insulted, swallowing snake, eating meat, roaming with empty vessel, sticking of mud on the body, getting stuck in the mud and riding camel, buffalo, or ass are inauspicious signs. Apart from these, sequences like theft of precious metal and gems, abduction of wife, theft of shoes, sighting of shooting stars, drinking oil or ghee, sighting bandwagon and marriage procession as well as sighting honey bees in the courtyard, getting touched by a physician or a handicapped person etc. Sighting of great people.

Sighting of temples and places of pilgrimage. Sighting of holy objects and auspicious events. Sighting of unholy objects and inauspicious events. Sighting of violent animals. Sighting of holy animals. Sighting of strange looking people. Sighting of strange events. Sighting of losing and finding something. Sighting of people dead long ago. Sighting of sages and ascetics: The dreamer might receive some auspicious news. Receiving of gift from the sage in dream signifies even more auspiciousness.

Sighting of teacher: This is also an auspicious sign. Blessing by the Guru signifies even more auspiciousness. Sighting of astrologer: This signifies a sudden search in the fortune. Sighting of the elders: This is a beneficial sign. A blessing by the elders in dreams results into the fulfilment of desires. Sighting of the king: This is also an auspicious sign that indicates fulfilment of desires. Sighting of temple: If a temple is seen in the dream along with an idol of Goddess Durga in her four-armed appearance, it is auspicious by all means and signifies removal of the crisis.

This also signifies end of the crisis period. Sighting of Goddess Lakshmi: Sighting of Goddess Lakshmi in the dreams signifies that the dreamer is soon to be blessed by her. The dreamer might also receive an expected wealth. Sighting of sacred rivers: Sighting of sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc. If the dreamer sees himself taking a bath in these rivers, it shows good health for him.

Sighting of place of pilgrimage: Sighting of holy places of pilgrimage like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Dwarka, Amarnath etc. Similarly, sighting of sea, Cadamba tree or any other sacred objects indicates peace, prosperity and auspiciousness for the dreamer. Sighting of saffron and musk: It indicates fame and fortune for you. Purchasing and touching these things in the dream shows even greater auspiciousness.

Sighting of flowers: Sighting of flowers like lotus and rose indicates good health for you. Sighting of books and scriptures: It indicates mental and intellectual development for you. Sighting of stationary item: Sighting of stationary items like pen, pencil, notebook etc. Such dreams are even more significant for the literateurs. Sighting of treasures: It indicates certain prosperity for you. You might receive immense wealth from some unexpected source. Sighting of lamp and incense sticks: This is also an auspicious indication.

It shows immediate removal of your crisis. Sighting of fields and granary: It indicates receiving of good news as well as prosperity. Some auspicious event might take place in your home. Sighting of mountain peak and tower: It indicates progress in your work as well as fulfilment of your desires. Sighting of kitchen- Sighting of kitchen or cooking food in the dream indicates liberation from the debts and unnecessary tension. Sighting of the numbers: It is also an auspicious sign and signifies receiving of wealth from lottery, race, speculation or gambling.

Sighting of mirrors: This is an auspicious sign that indicates an increase in desires and their completion. Sighting of arms: Sighting of arms like bow and arrow, sabre, lance, guns etc. Sighting of ordinance depot is also auspicious. Sighting of memorial: Sighting of memorials and paying respect in the way of floral garlands is an extremely auspicious dream. Sighting of waterfalls and snowfall: It is an auspicious sign that indicates removal of mental tortures. Sighting of ledger and account book: This is also an auspicious indication that hints at coming of wealth.

Sighting of turban: It indicates completion of your desired task as well as an increase in your reputation. It also shows that you will be able to safeguard your respect. Sighting of Moon and sandalwood: It is an auspicious sign indicating good news. Sighting of rainbow: Sighting of rainbow and clouds in the dream indicate happiness.

Sighting of horse rider: It indicates a journey for you with an auspicious objective. It also shows successful execution of the task. Sighting of diver: This indicates receiving of some secret information alarming you against the conspiracy of your rivals. Sighting of betel leaves- Sighting of betel leaves, offering of them to someone else, chewing them and a sheaf of betel leaves augurs well. It indicates an auspicious occasion in your house. Sighting of letter: It indicates that you will re meet your friend after prolong separation or an authority figure.

It also indicates completion of your desires. Sighting of money order indicates acquiring of wealth and completion of desires. Apart from these, auspicious objects and events, sighting of bedstead, green vegetables, fruits, trident, planet Venus, well furnished bedstead, pearls and diamonds, flag, growing of moustache, fountain, son, daughter-in-law, rock addict, indulgence in luxuries, heaven, pillow, salt, shop and office, mother, binocular, entertainment items like television, radio etc. Sighting of beggar: If you see in your dream that a beggar is begging for alms from you, it is an inauspicious sign that indicates serious illness for a family member.

Sighting of crematoria: This is an inauspicious sign that indicates imminent crisis for you.

Some experts regard such dream as auspicious. Sighting of prison: It indicates imminent crisis or loss. Sighting of crossing: This is also inauspicious and shows a state of dilemma for you. Sighting of auction: Sighting of auction in dream is not an auspicious sign. It indicates some monetary crisis in the family.

Sighting of robbers: It also indicates imminent crisis. Sighting of net: It indicates that you will be surrounded by crises. Death of the self or a relative: Sighting of the death of the self or of a relative indicates an increment in the expected life span of the concerned person. In other words, it is an auspicious indication. Getting insulted or beaten up: This is also an auspicious indication that shows removal of your worries and enemies.

Killing someone: Sighting of you killing someone in your dream or performing some other cruel task augurs well. It shows your win in a dispute and on your enemy. Offering oblations to the dead ancestors: If you see yourself offering oblations to your dead ancestors in your dream, it shows comfort in your future life. Getting injured: Sighting of you getting injured in the dream indicates your win in litigation or a dispute.


Bitten by the snake: Sighting of you being bitten by the snake in your dream indicates good health and wealth for you. Even the mere sighting of snake in the dream augurs well. Weeping: Sighting of yourself weeping or mourning in the dream indicates peace and prosperity for you. Stung by the insects: Sighting of yourself being surrounded by insects like flies, mosquitoes, ticks etc. It indicates that you will receive an extremely pretty wife.

Going bankrupt: Sighting of yourself in the dream going bankrupt augurs well for you. However sighting of others going bankrupt augurs ill for you. Getting raped: If a woman sees in her dream herself being raped by a man or a group of men, it indicates some unfavourable incident for her. Eating flesh: Sighting of eating, selling and purchasing flesh in the dream indicates loss of wealth. Defeat of the self: If you see your defeat in your dream, it indicates death or death-like agony for you.

Sinking in water or swamp: Sighting of your sinking in water or swamp indicates a painful death. Dropping by a bird: Sighting of you being dropped by a bird like crow, or vulture indicates imminent death. Sighting of eclipse: Sighting of solar or lunar eclipse in the dream indicates death.

Smearing with mud and dung: Sighting of yourself smearing ash, dung, dust or mud on your body shows death very soon. Collapsing palace and flag: Sighting of collapsing palace, breaking flag and canopy in the dream indicates snatching of kingdom, retardation in progress and even death. Inundated land: Sighting of land, fields, granary etc. Severing of body parts: Sighting of you losing a part of your body in the dream indicates loss of the same organ such as if you see losing your eye, you will probably suffer from blindness.

Lightning without clouds: Sighting of lighting without clouds in the southern sky indicates imminent death within two or three months. Clattering of teeth: This is an inauspicious sign that indicates departure of the dreamer to the abode of the demons. Change of colours of the organs: Sighting of organs in dream changing their colours like tongue white and face red indicates imminent death within a month. Falling in a pit or well: If someone sees himself in the dream falling in a pit or well and not able to come out it indicates that his death is very near.

Murder by evil people: Sighting of the self being murdered by the evil people indicates death within seven days. Entering the fire: Sighting of self entering the fire and not coming out indicates imminent death. Riding camel and ass: Sighting of the self riding an ass or a camel and going towards the south indicates death within a month. Rainbow in the night and stars in the day: Sighting in the dream of rainbow in the night and the stars in the day indicates imminent death. Operation and bleeding: Sighting of operation and bleeding in the dream indicates physical pain.

Abortion: Sighting of abortion in the dream indicates death of someone in the family. Strike: Sighting of strikes indicates demotion and relegation for the dreamer. Getting pushed: Sighting of the self in the dream being pushed by the crowd indicates an insult. Change in the body: Sighting of the self changing physically that is a fat man sees himself thin and a thin man sees himself getting fat indicates death within eight months. Engagement: Sighting of the engagement of the self or someone else indicates bad omens for the love relation of the dreamer.

Marriage: Sighting of marriage in the dream indicates some inauspicious event. Death is possible. Delivering lecture: Sighting of the self, giving lecture is an auspicious sign. It indicates conquering of the enemies. Extreme joy: It indicates both auspicious as well as inauspicious results. First, the dreamer will get married then he would die soon afterwards.

Copulating with a beautiful lady: Sighting of the self in the dream copulating with an extremely beautiful lady who is wearing red clothes and beautiful ornaments indicates imminent death of the dreamer. Even the kissing of such a lady in the dream augurs ill. Roaming in a garden: Sighting of the self in the dream roaming in a garden and not finding an end to the passages indicates death or death-like pain. Dancing and laughing: Sighting of the self in the dream laughing or dancing indicates killing soon afterwards.

Wearing of red flower and thread: If someone sees himself in the dream wearing a red flower or red thread, it indicates loss of health and related pains for the dreamer. Sighting of the sky: Sighting of the sky in the dream indicates that new heights in the life i. Sighting of rail engine: Sighting of railway engine in the dream indicates unsuccessful implementation of the plans.

Construction of building: Sighting of the construction of a building in the dream indicates monetary gain and progress. Sighting of reproductive organs: It indicates birth of children and continuation of progeny. Sighting of girl: It indicates progress and pilgrimage for the dreamer. An auspicious occasion may also arise. Combing of hair: It indicates the completion of desires.

Cawing of the crow: It indicates a meeting with the beloved one. For example if lizard falls on lower lip of men, it will be financial loss for him, while if lizard falls on lower lip of women, it will bring positive results for her. Likewise, it has different meaning for all other body parts as well. Here is detail meaning for both men and women for their different body parts, published in Astrolaabh , do check out below.

Hope this will help you to understand things better about lizard Astrology. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Significance of lizard falls on our Human Body Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed 60k times. One of the major things that Lizard falls on our part of human body and its predict our destiny? There is any hopeful source said as truth like in Puranas or in Panjangams? And nowhere mentioned so. And Hold by common people.

Hinduism never have advocated such things. Apart from that it was belief of bygone days.

Most of such misbeliefs won't exists today. SwiftPushkar No. This may not be a superstition. Gouli Sastra deals specially with lizards. There are carved lizards in Kanchipuram Varadaraja Temple. Popular belief is that those who touch those lizards will never get affected when lizard falls. Tanuj Lalchandani is the Best Astrologer in Delhi. He is Expertise in palmist, tarot reader, vaastu consultant and spiritual healer.

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The co Birth Star - Uthradam - Uttarashada with Remedies. Monday, September 24, lizard astrology. Lizard Astrology. This is the Lizard mythology which is being believed by most of the South Indians. These things may or may not happen. Lizard falling effect. Afraid of death. Top head. Hair knot. Worry about sickness. Expect financial profits. Calf of the leg. Expect visitors.

Left eye. It s for good. Get love from your man. Right eye. Mental stress. Right cheek. Male child may born.

Palli Dosham (Balli Shastra) – The Lizard Effects and Remedies

Left ear. Upper right ear. Upper lip. Be ready for disputes.


Lower lip. You will get new things. Both lips together. Fear of death. Ready to face difficulties. Fear of bad health condition.

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