February 11 zodiac horoscope

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  1. February 11 Zodiac
  2. Today's Love Horoscope For Monday, February 11, For All Zodiac Signs Per Astrology | YourTango

Likewise, people born under the influence of Aquarius are said to spend their time helping others, fighting for various causes and are good listeners. Today, a part of you will want to be charitable, generous and open-minded and maybe even consider a change of career. But Taurus will counteract against this by demanding stability and security in your life above all else. Read more about your daily horoscope with astrologer Russell Grant here.

February 11 Zodiac

Today, the Moon in Taurus forms a square aspect with the Sun in Aquarius. A square aspect describes a degree angle between two bodies on the celestial planes. Such a person has an inherent gift for getting to know others and getting into their shoes. They are characterized by persistence and stubbornness. They do not hold back — in spite of losses.

Their passions are strong, riveting and explosive. They also easily succumb to their feelings and emotions.

It often seems they are not honest — but they are still always polite and sympathetic. What should they be wary of.

Today's Love Horoscope For Monday, February 11, For All Zodiac Signs Per Astrology | YourTango

They should keep their passions from leading them excessively astray. Although they are a strong person, able to make their way in life with their own energy — they are not strong enough to take control of their own passions and feelings.

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When their passions are in full force — they are capable to rash and impulsive deeds. Although they can achieve victory over all of their external enemies — they will have the greatest internal one left — their own untamed passions. So it is important that such a person, usually happy about life, does not give in to their impulsive rashness and indiscreet outbursts that can lead them to put their career at risk.

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They deserve trust in the matters of money. They are a very aware person who knows that money is not the goal in itself — just the means to another end.