Analytic number theory in honor of helmut maier 21 birthday

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  1. Pomerance, Carl
  2. Paul Pollack
  3. Analytic Number Theory - - kirja() | Adlibris kirjakauppa

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Philippe Michel, Introductory talk on Analytic Number Theory

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All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! Russian page. About the Institute. Staff publications. Academic Council. Dissertation Councils. Journals and Books. In memoriam. Moscow, , Russia Tel. Konyagin Sergei Vladimirovich Doctor Phys. Best approximation. Character sums. Frolenkov Dmitrii Andreevich Candidate Phys.

Automorphic functions. Kloosterman sums. Continued fractions. Korolev Maxim Aleksandrovich Doctor Phys. Rezvyakova Irina Sergeevna Candidate Phys. Shkredov Il'ya Dmitrievich Doctor Phys. Arkhipov Gennadii Ivanovich Principal fields of research : Number theory, mathematical analysis. Iskovskikh Vasilii Alekseevich 1.

Pomerance, Carl

Karatsuba Anatolii Alekseevich Main results The members of the Department have made contribution to all main directions of analytic number theory as well as to some directions of applied mathematics, function theory, and algebraic geometry. Recent publications.

Konyagin, B. Ford, S. Korolev, A. Ustinov, Izv.

Paul Pollack

Notes , :1 , 89— Number Theory , 8 :1 , 15— Number Theory , , — London Math. Ford, B. Green, S. Konyagin, J. Maynard, T. Konyagin, I. Maynard, C. Pomerance, T. Konyagin, A. Kuleshov, V. Steklov Inst. Borodin, S. Notes , :6 , — Korolev, I. Tolstogo, Tula, , Garmonicheskii analiz, teoriya priblizhenii i teoriya chisel , Sbornik statei.

K letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya akademika Sergeya Vladimirovicha Konyagina, Tr. MIAN, , ed. Kashin, Yu. Malykhin, V. Protasov, I. Shkredov, K. Ilya D. Shkredov, I.

Misha Rudnev, Ilya D. Oliver Roche-Newton, Ilya D. Protasov, K. Ryutin, I. Moscow Math. Simon Macourt, Ilya D. Shkredov, Igor E. Konyagin, M. Kevin Ford, Moubariz Z. Garaev, Sergei V. Konyagin, S. Makarychev, I. Shparlinski, I. Analiticheskaya teoriya chisel , Sbornik statei. K letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya Anatoliya Alekseevicha Karatsuby, Tr.

Gong, C.

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  4. Jia, M. Karatsuby , Sbornik annotatsii Moskva, 22 - 27 maya g. Petersburg Math.

    Analytic Number Theory - - kirja() | Adlibris kirjakauppa

    Vyugin, E. Solodkova, I. Notes , :1 , 58— Orit E. Raz, Micha Sharir, Ilya D. Volostnov, I. Murphy, O. Roche-Newton, I. Discrete Math. Bykovskii, D. Sergei V. Theory, Ser. Pure Appl. Tomasz Schoen, Ilya D. Complexity , 25 :2 , — Blackburn, S. Bourgain, S. Ford, D. Heath-Brown, S. Pomerance, M. Karatsuba, M. Rezvyakova, V. Notes , 98 :6 , — Surveys , 70 :1 , — Arkhipov, V. Konyagin, Yu. Malykhin, K. Notes , 96 :3 , Garaev, S. Bourgain, M. Number Theory , 4 :3 , 14— Schoen, I. Rezvyakova, An additive problem with the Fourier coefficients of holomorphic non-cusp forms , Conference Paper , , Presentation on the conference: Zeta Functions 5 Moscow.

    Kan, D. Frolenkov, I. Number Theory , 4 :1 , 78— Ortogonalnye ryady, teoriya priblizhenii i smezhnye voprosy , Sbornik statei. Besov, S.