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  1. Here's The Perfume You Should Be Using According To Your Horoscope
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Here's The Perfume You Should Be Using According To Your Horoscope

It initiates space for the midline of the body to move through. It helps bring structures of the front body to the front of the body, and structures of the back body, to the back of the body.

Gemini Monthly Tarot Prediction - February 2016

It is about starting the construction of the mid-line, the connection to personal power and uniqueness. It initiates the connection into the mid-line, pre-vertebral space of the body along the front of the spine, the metaphysical mid-line of the body that flows as a matching and opposing force to the ubiquitous force of gravity.

Sun in Gemini Horoscope for each Star Sign

The gains have come! Walls are built! Connecting the midline up into the visceral space of the Lower abdomen and structurally into the front of the mid spine where the Psoas links the inner leg line to the front of the spinal column. Mercury in Taurus Moving energy appears Hardship, Worry There is instability in the Foundations of Matter Intense strain Is coupled with Long-continued Inaction Session 6, Card 6 Session 6 is about connecting the core support up to the mid-back along the fascia like tracks on the back of the pelvis, through the sacrum, up the erector muscles of the low back to the mid back where it connects with the progress from session 5 on the front of the pelvis.

Session 6 brings greater connection in to the "back space". It is felt as a less personal part of ourselves, our resource, our strength that is deeper than our personality. Universal self being. Front is more social, and personal, more relational; back is more universal. Confidence, support and ease can be found, a feeling of resting in wholeness. Meditation: Moon in Taurus Success!

It brings the connection from the mid-spine up through the neural- Brain holding and visceral- facial cranium. The neural-cranium acts as the top vertebrae of the spinal column and the visceral-cranium hangs off its support on the front. It brings the neural- and visceral-cranium back into a more harmonious relationship with one another and connect the upper half of the trunk to the core space, core energy that flows from the ground up and through the crown of the head. This brings up a lot of the patterns around how we maintain our social persona. We can start to see the world from a more expanded, energetic sense.

Opening the 6th and 7th chakras. Allow yourself to be vulnerable; accept the ideas that are not working for you, because you do know what will, and you can feel safe throwing yourself entirely into this new line of thinking. You exude abundant natural warmth, and people love to hear what you have to say, so use your clout for good, and know that the coming months will see you making huge strides in sharing and spreading what you are so very passionate about. Keep working at it, and know that you are truly making a difference in creating the change you want to see!

This reading will be for those who have a strong Capricorn energy signature: those with a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, or Capricorn Rising. With the movement of Saturn into Capricorn coinciding with the beginning of Capricorn season, we reflect on the lessons Capricornian souls are learning, how they can contribute these lessons to the collective, and the guidance they ought to be conscious of now.

Note: the generation born at the end of the ss with Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus in Capricorn much of this also pertains to you; as part of the role you play is about grounding and making real Saturn , more expansive dimensions of mind Uranus and spiritual reality Neptune. Part of your collective function is building the tangible structures in which these new ideas of mind and spirit can be anchored.

Your Taurus Season Horoscope Is Telling You to Chill Out | uxelaxujeg.tk

We are first attuned to how power has been misdirected or abused. With Pluto in Capricorn in the background for Capricornian souls, the Magician Rx highlights this Plutonic theme of power and how it is wielded — we are asked to reflect on the kind of power that has been effective and the kind that has been ineffective. You are growing into a more mature awareness of what power is. The Magician suggests that power has everything to do with how the mind is directed and less about the physical, tangible utensils which often keep us invested in a solely external understanding of power.

The old Capricornian way tends to be hierarchical, but Temperance suggests that in the new Saturn cycle, power is more about collaboration, synthesis, and a merger of elements and forces. Temperance indicates that there is another way. The Magician reversed suggests that you do not have to do things alone, and indeed that perhaps you are less effective now with this approach.

Saturn moving into Capricorn wants to teach Capricorn souls the builders of systems and structures a higher expression of what can be tangibly accomplished Saturn through collaboration Temperance. A symbol of coming together, integration, merger, and cooperation. Could the message be any clearer? Note that too much Capricornian self-sufficiency means that other contributing parts of the collective or group do not get to make their contribution — and you do not benefit from their input. Be aware too that embracing the path of collaboration and synthesis will reveal new aspects of your being that would have been hidden from you if you did not open yourself up to the input of others in the accomplishment of your goals.

She provides in-depth one-on-one astrological counseling and tarot counseling sessions both in-person, in her Tea House, and online. Tara blends both her knowledge of the collective evolutionary processes of humanity, and her individual counseling work to help people understand how their individual cycles fit into the larger context of collective human consciousness.

To work with her, visit taranikita. The Aquarian mind is the gate flung open between how the world has always been and what is possible. We know the work of living; the path of domestication; the thrill of assimilation and adornment. When we see the purpose, even us rebels can settle into worldly thrones.

Knight of Swords Meaning

We know the weapons to bring to preserve peace. We have a message in our bones this month. The Empress tells us to sink deep into the earth, into what our skin feels, our eyes see, into what we taste and hear. This place is both nurturing and comfortable. The monkey mind seeks to swaddle us in its desperate little arms.

We hunger, and the universe responds by beckoning for us to rise. Our thrones can become wings but only if we rise above our comfortable perches, letting go of the illusion of dominion. The Empress stands and becomes Temperance. How this month plays out for you will depend on how you view yourself. Have you lost yourself in the physical details of the last year? Have you grasped for comfort instead of responding to the call to rise?

Those of us that have needed to lean into the soil for extra support up until now will be called to rise forth from darkness. Those of us that tore our eyes away from the past, physical circumstance and limitation, will be called to take flight and brandish the instruments of awakening in their respective communities. If they make the sound that wakes you up, they are still you.

If they respond to your call and rise, they are still you. Any difference you perceive between yourself and other is illusory no matter what role you play or who you are. We are all the same before war, pestilence, famine, and death. One way or another we will all wake up to this. Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas.

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Her facilitative style is the blended result of over a decade of study of tarot as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships. She writes a column at littleredtarot.

Book with me. Sweet, bubbly, and loving Pisces, As draws to a close, you are feeling more dreamy than ever. Curious about the world before you and ready to begin anew! The cosmos are whispering to you ever so sweetly. Do you feel the energy drawing closer?

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You hold the powers of creation and pure intention in your hands. This energy is yours to do whatever you wish with it. Hope and love surround you now. Your light shines so brightly this Capricorn Season. You have a choice this month lovely. You can either stay stuck in the mire, pleading for help or you can take it in stride and continue to make moves. Pull yourself out of it! You are ready to move forward into the new and Spirit is there to support and protect this transition! Work diligently on freeing your mind from negative thought patterns.

Look up to the heavens and within your to your strength of spirit, to move yourself out of any inner turmoil. Pick up those troubles, fears, and anxieties one by one and chuck them out the window! The higher you ascend, the more these weigh you down. Leave these issues in the past where they belong. Grow from them.

These catalysts often spur us further along our path of ascension and closer to our soul purpose. You are not leaving a part of you behind by moving forward and into the future. Give reverence and appreciation for the situation and the growth it has caused. Take this knowledge to walk into and your dreams with more confidence, skill, and foresight than ever before. Rise above Pisces. From my soul to yours, xo Ariel.

Settlement. Journey. Ascension.

She uses her psychic ability and intuition to guide her in her readings, providing loving, healing guidance to others. As the creator of Maven Unmasked , she encourages others to take off their mask and allow their innermost wisdom to shine through in a true, authentic expression of themselves. Aries, commit to love. The rest will flow… tarotscopes by galaxytone. Back to Scopes List. Cancer Pass the pitchfork and let them eat cake tarotscopes by savakayoga. LEO HiC. When the Sun shines brightly in our lives, it opens the door to choice and enterprise.

You suddenly feel giddy and then boom! The Universe begins to reward you with options, some of them beyond your wildest dreams. For you, my Dear Virgo, this moment feels like the second half of a crescendo, the lovely release after an unusually intense moment. You appear to have just lived through a time of searching, soul-searching perhaps, which has given you a magnificent opportunity to re-evaluate your current circumstances.

Of the choices before you, one or two stand out.


Recent Interviews and News

This is so energy can flow from Tiphareth to Malkuth; Energy needs poles to flow from and to. The female electron is of a negative charge and the male electron is of a positive charge. Here also, we may compare the Sun as self-conscious and the Moon as unconscious, both being aspects of the One Life breath Spirit , each working through half of the body.

No matter the interpretation differences of these cards, both have the same esoteric meaning which is that of the union of manifest opposites under the Divine Love of the Supernal Upper Triangle of the Tree of Life through Binah. Crowley's card stress the union of the "alchemical marriage" of the component parts of the seeker, a very active process for the self control and will Mercury directs this union of opposites and is not passive as some cards would suggest.

Here the Ego is subordinated to the Divine Will or One Principle, thus requiring an annihilation Cain slaying Able followed by a synthesis or reintegration in a new way. What many of us fail to see, is that when One Personality joins with Another Personality, they annihilate each other and form as a New Personality of One expression instead of 2 separates.

Just as if you combined the color blue with the color red, you annihilate both blue and red individuals, and get Purple as the new One. Hence, the Divine Marriage within the individual combines the Conscious male and the Unconscious female forming a new state of One Rational thinking Imagination, where intuition and rational thinking become one and the same, so that neither is conscious or unconscious, but a Psyche that is no longer separated by language and image.

A Horus, who is the combination of Isis and Osiris. The Thoth Deck and Tarot of the Old Path both have reverse meanings, In the Tarot of the Old Path the card must be upside down in the spread; in the Thoth Deck the accompanying cards supply the "ill-defined" or reverse. We just sent you an email. Please click the link in the email to confirm your subscription! OK Subscriptions powered by Strikingly. Return to site.