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We all feel the burden of expectation of femininity to some degree: to sit with our legs crossed, not to swear too much, not to talk about sex the way guys do, to cover up, to silently shrug off leery catcalls.

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But more and more of us are throwing off those expectations. Nowhere is this…. Go to Joox.

The perfect relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. Following your dreams is important because nobody can do it for you.

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A good support system is essential — mine consists of a few family members, friends, colleagues and fans who motivate me to pursue my goals. Meet a host of companies and institutions under one roof, and scope out everything from employment possibilities to funding for further study. A celebration of all things…. But one day, at a mall, I saw a guy who was perfect.

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  • We all live with complex contradictions. It was never the liberated Gurley Brown that drafted those titillating cover lines every month during the thirty-plus years of her reign at Cosmo ; it was her husband. Notably, an overwhelming number of recent articles either link to or advertise PornHub, a horrifically graphic online pornography clearinghouse with offerings from teen rape to sexual torture.

    PornHub released its own report tallying over 4 trillion 4 trillion! Professor Gail Dines identifies pornography as the public health crisis of the digital age. Her decades-long research, along with her book and documentary, Pornland: How the Porn Industry has Hijacked our Sexuality , examines the devastating effects of a pornified culture on our society.

    What Star Sign You Should Date Based on Your Zodiac | Love | Cosmopolitan Middle East

    As the mother of young men, including one in high school, I can attest to that. Not a week goes by without my sons sharing at the dinner table reports of sexting, sexual harassment, or date rape among their classmates and peers.


    Boys who learn about sex through ubiquitous porn downloaded on their phones and school iPads learn about domination instead of pleasure; violence instead of consent. Girls are left confounded by the resulting blurred lines between sexual pleasure and pain, desirability and submission, achievement and objectification.

    Cosmo is marketing the poison to those goals. The sex trade, including pornography, is indeed an easy cash cow, especially in times of economic uncertainty, but it eats away at the core of our humanity.

    Your Horoscope for the Week of January 28

    One of the fundamental pillars of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the principle of indivisibility. She is also a founding Board member of and later served as the Executive Director of Equality Now , an international human rights organization that works to promote the human rights of women and girls.

    Taina has extensive media experience and is a contributor to the Huffington Post.

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