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Farley Malorrus, Astrological Metaphysical Psychologist
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What's Astrological Metaphysical Radio about?

Malorrus encourages listeners to support his program by joining his astrology club. I prefer that the issues were more spiritual, holistic concerns. But I still get immense pleasure helping people see how and why they are what they are. Malorrus, who has been practicing astrology on local radio since , says more than a million people have heard his show on KFOX since it began in and 35, novice astrologers utilize his astrological charts and services, which he sells out of his West Los Angeles apartment with the help of one assistant, six computers and five birds for good luck.

He says that just as the convergence of planetary bodies in Aquarius foretold the space shuttle tragedy, the reconvergence of several planets in Aquarius for long stretches of the s portends an inevitable and dangerous war. So Malorrus, who would some day like to be a political adviser, has been using much of his time on the radio sounding something like a modern-day prophet of doom.


He has tried to dispense with much of the usual talk about personal obsessions and, in shocking, urgent, even sobering terms, has been conducting lively radio seminars on planetary karma, ancient extinct civilizations, the revolts for freedom brewing across Asia and the absolute necessity for immediate nuclear disarmament. Drastic changes are imminent.

Malorrus believes that those changes will include a more widespread acceptance of astrology and its power to guide and enlighten. But much of the world is still wary.

‎Astrological Metaphysical Radio on Apple Podcasts

Astronomy guru Carl Sagan, for example, scoffs at astrology. But Malorrus makes no apologies for his chosen profession. During a severe personal crisis in that included a divorce, a death in the family and a bleeding stomach ulcer, he walked into a metaphysical book store and, from just his birthdate, an astrologer zeroed in exactly on all his troubles.

Malorrus was immediately converted and has spent his time ever since studying and spreading the message in the stars. And then man went ahead and flew through the air.


Eventually all things and opinions change. About Us.

In Umrin Toher , more than 2 years ago. Share your experience - write a review! Send message. Description Visit website. Farley graduated Central Methodist in with B.

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Following his 34th birthday, Farley decided to travel the world by way of 16 cruise ships, visiting over ports for 10 years, as the Ship's Astrologer. During this time he practiced Astrology and entertained the guests with his enthusiastic wit. Scott, who he spent almost every day with on the Cruise.

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He also went to Martinique with Art Buchwald at that time who was also a powerful inspiration. Farley entered the radio scene in where he soon became a popular addition to various DJ's in the Los Angeles area. In , K-Fox radio, a New-Age talk radio station, picked Farley to anchor their noontime radio spot for the next 9 years. This is where Farley launched Astrological Metaphysical Radio in Description in a foreign language: Astrologia para ustedes.