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In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Cancer. Learn about what the Chariot mean in a tarot love reading here. Moon in Cancer denotes a sensitive and home loving person. Cancer Moon can denote someone who is very sentimental and family-oriented. If someone hurt them, they can hold on to grudges as they believe this will keep them safe. Cancer Moon has a hard shell, but underneath is a sensitive and kind person who often worries a lot about their family and loved ones. They are very supportive of the people they care about and their love runs deep.

There is often a physical attraction present, but they tend to want different things in the long run. Cancer Moon can be hurt by Cancer Aries independent nature. Cancer Moon with Taurus Moon is a union between two security minded people. They ultimately want the same things out of life, even though they might go about getting it in different ways. Cancer Moon wants emotional security more perhaps than Taurus Moon does, however, Taurus Moon seems to push Cancer Moon in the right direction of obtaining an emotional safe haven by being dependable and predictable.

Once Taurus Moon has obtained their material home base security platform and Cancer Moon has reached their sensitive and emotional well-being peak, this union might be lacking in excitement. Cancer Moon might begin to doubt how safe they actually feel, unless, they have someone or something they can care for, such as children and animals. Cancer Moon needs to be needed, and they need to care and nurture their home.

If things are going too well, what is there left to care for? This can create some friction.

A renovation project could solve this hiccup. When it is good it is perfect, but when it is bad, it is a very lonely experience. This union tends to have a variety of misunderstandings due to miscommunication, and it will take the two parts a long time to recognise and accept the differences in the other person, and knowing how to handle them. Cancer Moon tends to hold on to grudges and they are often very sentimental people, quite the opposite to Gemini Moon who denotes someone detached and more cerebral.

MOON SIGNS: Part 1 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo)

While Cancer Moon loves family and all things domestic, Gemini Moon enjoys the freedom and often feels restless and bored. Cancer Moon with Cancer Moon indicates a union between two people who have instant report between them.

They are able to give more of themselves as they feel safe with the other person, and they enjoy spending a lot of time together, often creating a beautiful home life. Both can be stubborn and with a hard shell, and when both parts insecurities are running high, both could be acting equally childish. Most of the time, Cancer Moon with Cancer Moon feel at home with each other and due to similar emotional needs, have a great chance of making this a lasting union. Leo Moon can be too self-absorbed to even recognise that there is another person in the relationship as Cancer Moon can become very quiet in this relationship.

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Cancer and Cancer Love Compatibility

There is a lot of action between the sheets -- and a lot of procreation too. Yes, this pair ends up having lots of children. Sometimes they can get so obsessed with sex that it can harm their professional careers, so they need to understand that at least one of them need to do work -- other than sex -- to fetch in the daily bread.

The only thing that can spoil this Cancer and Cancer sexual relationship is the fact that both can be very secretive, and thus may be prone to suspicion, but being alert about this danger is mostly enough to circumvent it. The most positive aspect about Cancer compatibility is that, since they are so amiable, they tend to take very good care of each other.

They make very good friends and can take the liberty to criticize your faults which you would not tolerate coming from someone else.


They are also talented and share a great sense of humour. As a matter of fact a relationship between two Cancer is so compatible that it frequently makes many people jealous of them. By far the most negative aspects of a the Cancer male and Cancer female relationship is that they both possess a cribbing nature, and are forever insecure about their financial position, no matter how much wealth they may have stashed away in the bank, or how many blue chip stocks they may hold, or how much real estate they own.

When a Cancer-Cancer relationship takes shape, what you see most of the time is both crying o each other's shoulders, and wallowing in self-pity, irrespective of how much they may have accomplished and how much unexplored talent they may still possess. The best thing about a two Cancer relationship is that their mutual understanding is so perfect that they do not have to communicate through words at all.

Cancer and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

They can just look into each others' eyes and understand what they are thinking or what they desire, especially if they are in an intimate relationship such as a marriage. It may seem odd to an outsider that a Cancer-Cancer relationship can be so silent and non-verbal, bordering almost on the weird because sometimes they can go for days without actual verbal communication, but to each other it is the most natural thing, and they do not need words which are anyway superfluous in their relationship. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

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As the core element that represents this group is fire, the people belonging to this group are spontaneous, carefree, fun-loving, warm and enterprising. These people generally do not hold grudges against anyone for.