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Sagittarius january 2 birthday astrology

Try a little sugar-coating for once, especially if you're speaking critically of a romantic partnership. I hate to tell a Sagittarius to rein it in twice in one paragraph, but be careful of partying too hard on Thursday, September Whether you're in a business meeting, on a date, or enjoying happy hour, the alignment of the stars is a little bit chaotic when warrior planet Mars squares your ruler, Jupiter, currently at home in your sign.

Friday, September 13 , brings a full moon in philosophical Pisces. You're both ruled by Jupiter, and although you display it in different ways, seek knowledge and freedom.

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While full moons are associated with partying and you're not one to turn down a good time , this is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your emotions. You can't run away from or intellectualize everything, centaur.

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If you can, do so by traveling or taking a hot bath and soaking up some much-needed alone time to get in touch with what you need and want. Luck follows you, and you tend always have more than one opportunity on the table. To ensure you follow your true will, make an effort to get in touch with your true intentions. The next day, Saturday, September 14 , communication planet Mercury and abundant Venus both enter Libra, the sign of balance.

Over the next month, you'll find yourself seeking a state of homeostasis, which may not just refer to romance. Saturn has been retrograde since April, which has illuminated your finances.

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Perhaps your income changed or you came into an inheritance. Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18 , and you're ready to increase your money-making potential again. If this affects your relationship, either by taking up time or by affecting who holds the power, make sure to talk about it before the scales tip too far in one direction.

Now that we've covered cash, let's go back to your sex life. Whatever confusion you've been sifting through will finally come to an end on Saturday, September Your ruling planet, Jupiter, squares Neptune in Pisces.

Sagittarius Today

If you're in any type of romantic relationship that feels good but began under false pretenses, these things will come to light. For example, if a lover said they didn't mind how much you travel for work or that they are okay with an open relationship but was just trying to keep you, the truth will finally come out. You could have a lot of energy at your disposal, so an outing that involves walking, hiking, or another physical activity can be very good for you.

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