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In Case-study 1, there is a slight variation from the above rule in the sense that instead of interchange, there is a conjunction between the lords of 4 and 10, while the lagna lord is not only exalted but also Vargollama. A powerful wealth yoga is given rise to by the mutual aspect between Moon and Mars.

The native who started his career as a banker is now holding a senior position in a multinational banking corporation. Moon Mandi Mare Jup Case. From Chandra lagna. The native was killed in a car accident in Venus dasa, Saturn bhukthi, both planets becoming strong indicators of his untimely demise. The other concept regarding longevity as discussed earlier is that if the lagna lord is in the 8 th , longevity is assured; but when afflicted by a malefic, longevity gets curtailed, as the above dictum gets reversed.

Venus bhukthi. The girl is happily married to a boy who is well placed overseas. The marriage took place in Sun dasa loid of 9 in lagna and she is blessed with two children. This is a case-study, which conforms to the view that all dhana yogas involve a point of contact between lagna lord and the lords of 2. When both the above rules are simultaneously satisfied, the resulting yoga is termed as "Neechabhanga Raja yoga". The above Raja yoga can be formed in a variety of ways. Saturn as bhagyadipathi 9' h lord aspects the lagna and is placed in the Watery sign, Scorpio. The native, who is a Chartered Accountant, had a long stint abroad and is now happily placed having returned to India after his overseas tenure.

The most crucial bhava in any chart is the lagna bhava. A strong lagna lord ensures that a person overcomes hurdles however strong they be, while a person with a weak lagna lord feels diffident even at the outset. In conclusion, it may be said that the pride of place in any chart goes to the lagna. The second house is an amalgam of personal, physical and economic traits in an individual.

We may term speech and eating habits as personal qualities. Facial beauty is a physical feature. Wealth is related to economics. So, when a single house becomes an indicator of such varied features, it gains considerable importance in judgement of horoscopes. Secondly wealth is an important indicator of social status, comfort and power to give good education to children or for organizing social events.

There are seven major significations governed by the second house. Theseare as follows: 1. Family 2. Facial Beauty 3. Speech 4. Right Eye 5. Wealth 6. Food and Eating habits 7. So while analyzing a horoscope, if one is questioned about whether the person whose chart is taken up for analysis will be able to make a mark in life in terms of social status, immediately the second house should be taken up for analysis. If the second house is strong and coming under the favourable influence of planets, then one becomes an influential person in the society, while a weak second house denotes failure in respect of matters governed by that house.

Malefics such as Rahu. Sun and Saturn not only reduce the family size while influencing the second house, but also promote discord. We are now witnessing a lot of people suffering from Myopia, glaucoma, cataract and retina detachment. Software professionals constantly work in front of the computer screen, which always throws out Ultra-violet radiation. The Sun is considered as the Karaka planet for eyesight, but some authors reckon both Sun and the Moon as joint karakas for eyesight. While taking the second view, the Right eye is governed by the Sun and the Left eye by the Moon.

Saturn or Gulika, there will be eye-disease. It is important to note that in every horoscope, there may be some evil influence or the other on the second house. One should be really fortunate to have a blemishless second house. Aditya Hridayam in order to prove effective must be recited thrice in the morning. It confers blessings of Sun-god in abundance. One vexed question for which no one seems to have the perfect answer is, whether beauty is something we attribute to the overall personality of an Individual? Why we attribute prominence to facial beauty is that all the secondary qualities coupled with an ugly looking face would negate the concept of beauty in an A well placed Venus in the 2 nd is a major asset and in the case of females can even make them recipients of awards at beauty pageants.

Generally benefics such as Jupiter, Venus or Mercury not only give a good family while being in the 2 nd house, but also promote happiness through family members and relatives. When investigating the science behind perception of something as beautiful, it is found that a sense of proportion is very high in good looking people while in others the sense of proportion is low. A row of teeth all of similar size gives rise to a beautiful smile. When we see pictures of demons, goblins or ghosts, artists use various symbolisms like a huge body, long teeth, thick hairs, long limbs and so on and so forth, to depict their ugliness in full measure.

This lack of symmetry makes the demons look realistic. Venus is generally associated with beauty, fashion, luxury, aristocracy and opulence. A well placed Venus in the 2 nd is a major asset and in the case of females can even make them recipients of awards at beauty pageants. Moreover actresses, compeers and models can be trained by analyzing their horoscopes from the second house standpoint. On the contrary, an afflicted second house would largely contribute towards denial of the above traits. Sweet speech is often associated with prosperity and rude speech brings both danger and calamity.

Now the underlying astrological principle is easy to comprehend. It is the second house that denotes speech. The same second house denotes wealth. If the lord of the second house occupies its own, exaltation or friendly house one becomes an eloquent speaker. If the lord of 2 is afflicted, one will have stammering. The quality of a person's speech will also suffer when Ketu occupies the 2 nd house. Generally astrologers should be blessed with good powers of speech. If the second house belongs to either Saturn or Mars and are also occupied or aspected by malefics.

Else all theirevil predictions would come true and whatever auspicious things are told by them would never come to pass. The second and third houses in an astrologer's horoscope should preferably be occupied by benefics. WEALTH It is said in the scriptures that wealth is one of the four ultimate objectives of human endeavour, the otherthree being Dharma performance of duty , Kama obtaining enjoyments and Moksha final emancipation from births and deaths. But as correctly predicted by our sages, in the present age which is known as Kaliyuga. Artha or Wealth is also sought as a means of obtaining Kama sensual pleasures.

According to Mantreswara vide Phaladeepika , one of the ways of procuring the wrath of planets is obtaining or pursuing wealth through deceitful means. Whenever combinations for wealth are discussed in text books of astrology, they invariably pertain to obtaining wealth through legitimate means only. The fundamental principle underlying dhana yogas in astrology is that there should be some nexus between lords of 1,2,5,9 and Another combination for poverty i s when the 12 th house is occupied by the lords of 2 or Alternatively when the 12 ,h lord is in 2 or 11, poverty is the result.

Let us have two sets of planets, Group A comprising of the lords of 2 and 11 and Group B comprising of the 12 lh lord. Now planets in Group A should be in the houses mentioned in Group C only for prosperity. If Group B planets are in Group D house also, prosperity is the result.

Telugu Vedic Horoscope

Now we come to the rules for poverty. The above rules are equally applicable from Chandra lagna also. By analysing the nature of planets occupying the second house, one must infer the tastes of food which a native will consume by correlating the planets and tastes vide the Table above. For example one prefers eating sweets, if Jupiter is placed in the second house.

Proficiency in Mathematics is attributed to Moon. Mars and Mercury. If Mars and Moon together occupy the second house and Mercury is either in a quadrant, powerfully placed or in the 8 th house, one gets proficiency in Mathematics. Venus in 2 makes one more proficient in poetry and rhetorics. Jupiter in 2 makes one learned in the Vedas. One becomes an expert in Grammar, i f a powerful Jupiter occupies the second house in conjunction with Sun. Now let us focus our attention on a few horoscopes where the concepts discussed above are understood in practice.

He is unmarried and stays with his mother, since his father passed away a few years back. In his chart, the second house is well fortified by presence of the lagna lord Mercury. But the second lord is afflicted by occupying an inimical sign, aggravated by the malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn. It again occupies an inimical sign in Navamsa. The fact that two malefics occupy the l 6 ' house deprived him of marital happiness.

The above chart is an illustration of the principle that an afflicted second house leads to disappointments in family life. Ssptt He is also unmarried. Here the second house receives the aspect of malefics Mars and Saturn. It is also said that an exalted planet proves ineffective in retrogression, which is true in this case. From Moon-sign, the second house is afflicted by Saturn, weak in placement.

Moon Case-s1udy3 11 June From Moon sign, the 2 IK lord Jupiter is well placed in the 9th. The 2" 1 lord's placement also gave him proficiency in Vedas. Are You Moving? Let us know your new address with Pincode , well in advance via letter or e-mail.

Yogam astrology in telugu

Ask for a remedy for specific problems I R Our expert astrologer will prescribes Lal-Kitaborsome other effective remedy foryou. Your query should reach us by the 7 ,h ofevery month. Your answers will be published in the forthcoming issues. Subscribers will get preference. He is dignified, soft-spoken and liked by everyone in his family. The 2'" 1 lord is strong in Navamsa. From Moon sign also, the lagna lord and the 2 lord are in conjunction.

Tamil Nadu. As discussed above, all dhana yogas involve a point of intersection between the lords of lagna 2. This has given the native a life of affluence and happiness. The native is soft spoken and good in nature. The second house is an amalgam of personal, physical and economic traits i n an individual. When the sigmficators of the second house are weak, astrologers should advise their clients to propitiate Lord Kubera. Goddess Lakshmi and the concerned planets to ward off the evils associated with the second house.

When the affliction is related to factors other than wealth, appropriate remedial measures either in the form of Japa chanting hymns or Vedic rituals homams may be performed to mitigate the harm and augment the beneficial potential of the second house. According to Numerology, the Master Numbers like 11, 22, 33 etc cannot be reduced to a single digit like the other numbers. Instead, they need special consideration, as they hold more potential and higher vibrations than the other numbers. The Master Number 11 indicates a coming together' of all nations and people, as they globally unite for the good of all!

Under this vibration, will see people becoming more contemplative of their actions-making sure that their conduct is seen to be good! People who have been quiet in the past will now feel the urge to speak and profound things to say! Astrologically speaking, Number 2 is associated with the planet Moon, representing feelings, instincts and emotional needs.

Infact, under the influence of Number 2, we are gradually, but subtly being shifted into implying a more emotionally-centered approach towards life. Hence, humane and socially progressive concerns will now be more amplified. Zeroes The Double zeroes 00 in prompt conscious decisions to jointly create new evolutions.

Number The driving force of Master Number il also carries with it the tolerant Number 9 In astrology ,as Number 9 is associated with Mars— more aggression and stnfe will be seen in the world. Many astrologers do not seem to realize its importance. However this write-up is not only intended to bring out the importance of the Third house, but also highlight how a weak third house can mar the fortunes of the chart as a whole. To cure this defect, let us now try and understand what are the various significations of the third house.

The third house can reveal what exactly will be the prospects relating to the following: 1. Courage or in its absence, timidity. Skill in war and diplomacy 4. Danger from quadrupeds, snake and water. Diseases, especially pertaining to throat, neck and ear. Proficiency in music. Wearing of ear ornaments. Listening to pleasant sounds or conversation, or by its absence, getting unpleasant news.

Generous instincts and miserliness. Planets occupying the third house SUN: The presence of the Sun in the third enhances the power of the horoscope as a whole. Generally natural malefics in the third are good from health standpoint and such natives rarely fell sick and even if they fall ill. Sun in the third confers quick success in all endeavours. MOON: Moon in the third confers good knowledge, blesses one with good spouse and confers spiritual values in life. All these indications will be prominent, if the Moon is in its Waxing phase. If the house happens to be Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio, the benefits will be felt in abundance, because Mars - Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn is highly favourable, because Mars is placed in exalted position, and also cures the defect arising out of debilitated Jupiter.

Similarly Moon - Mars combination is also a good feature. Mars in the third increases possibilities to misunderstandings within the family, accidents, suicidal tendencies and ear ailments. It is also not good for brothers or sisters. The presence of Mars in the third or aspecting the third can also make a person, devoid of younger brothers, thus making one the youngest child inthefamily. The person will have independent views: when the native understands a work, he will tend to finish it without getting discouraged.

But Venus in the third is adverse for financial prospects as well as health. RAHU: While Rahu in the third is not good for brothers, it promotes one's fortunes as a natural malefic in the third. Rahu or implications of lesser-known 3 rd house Ketu are not independent in giving results, as they take their colour from the conjoining or aspecting planet. In case, no planet aspects or conjoins Rahu, it tends to take the colour of its sign depositor. KETU: Ketu in the third is good for courage and confers strong love of adventure.

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Third lord in lagna gives proficiency in music, dance and acting. Livelihood is through self- exertion. One likes to convert others' wealth, for personal u e e. One will be brave, blessed with friends, relatives and good children, and also be wealthy, happy and contended.

As a whole, life will be happy. One becomes rich and learned, when the 3 ,d lord is in 4. One will get good support from friends and relatives. If the native is a professional, he will get good support from his clients, if the 3 ri lord is in 5. One will not have support of brothers, friends or relatives. The 3 nl lord in 7 may indicate marriage with cousins or friends. Some times marriage may be an off-shoot of romance.

In any case, it leads to friendship and harmony in married life, especially when the 3 nl lord in 7 comes under benefic influences. It also affects career and married life. When the 3 rd is in 9, the native's brother will inherit ancestral property. The native will meet with good fortune on account of his brother. Native will be happy, intelligent and rich, when the 3 rt lord is in The 3 ,d lord in 11 is good, provided the lord comes under benefic aspect. The native has to exert himself to earn wealth. The 3 rd lord in 12 leads to ups and downs in life.

There are two ways, by which, this can be interpreted. The native derives prosperity from brothers, because of benefics in the third. When brothers are affected themselves, how can they prove useful to the native? When the third lord is strong, but with malefics influencing the house, it may be said that brothers will prosper, but the native may not derive any benefit out of that, since the house is tenanted by malefics.

In some cases, where the third house is severely afflicted, it can even result in loss of brothers. Mental courage is indicated by a strong Moon. Physical courage is indicated by a strong third house and Mars. Persons working as commandos. Police Officers or in the armed forces need physical courage. Certain sports such as Foot ball. Boxing or wrestling need both courage as well as strength and stamina. In choosing persons to pursue these disciplines, it would be better if they are having a strong third house, occupied by Mars. One becomes timid, if Mercury occupies the third house.

If the third lord joins lagna with Jupiter, there will be danger from quadrupeds. If the third lord joins Lagna with Rahu. Ear and neck are represented by the third House. Mercury gives green ornaments. If the 3" 1 house is aspected by evil planets, these ornaments will be lost. We can interpret this in another way also. The benefic planet influencing the third houses bestows upon the native the good fortune of hearing virtuous and pleasant talks and sounds.

One becomes a miser, if Saturn combines with the 2 nd and 3 rd lords. Case-study -I The native is blessed with one brother only and was singularly unfortunate in losing him, when the latter succumbed to a rare disease. In his horoscope, lord of 3 is relegated to the 6 m house and even a strong Mars in the 9 th house could not avert the tragedy. Ketu Ma s 7 Jan. The lord of 3 is Vargottama and in lagna. From the Moon-sign also, we find the 3 rd lord Mercury in Chandra-lagna and in a Vargottama position.

Alt these factors have contributed to a large family. Case-study - 3 The native is blessed with brothers, who are both affluent and happily placed abroad. The S" 1 lord Mars is also the karaka of the 3 rd house, well placed in the eleventh and occupying own navamsa. If the 4 th house as well as the 4 th lord are powerful and aspected by benefics, one will own conveyances. If the lord of the 4 th conjoins the 9 th lord and is strong by virtue of placement in own house, exaltation or in a trine house, the native will get conveyances, wealth and comforts through royal favour.

The search for happiness is an universal quest. Here, we will try and understand what the Fourth house stands for, as well as its potentialities. The only point that needs mention is that education is represented not only by the 2 ml house, but also by the 4 lh house. A general rule is that horoscopes need to be analysed from Janma lagna. Chandra Lagna and thirdly by treating the house occupied by the karaka as lagna and then we should judge the horoscope.

From the three layers of analysis given above, we should decipher the indications offered by the stronger planets and only such events as indicated therein would come to pass. In particular, the aspect of Mars on the 4 lh house is a powerful adverse influence on all the significations of the 4 lh house. The only exception to the above rule would arise either when Mars owns the 4 lh house or the lagna or becomes yogakaraka.

Now there are certain astrological rules to remember for drowning. If such combinations are present in a horoscope, it is suggested that such people should avoid water sports to whateverextenl possible. If astrology is used in that sense, it would serve as a useful tool in saving the lives of people. Combinations for being honest or dishonest Before recruitment of candidates.

Human Resources Department in any organization is required to give a "due diligence report " on the character and previous employment details of the candidates, before they are finally appointed. Trustees of Public Trusts , it is very important to select persons with integrity. But the problem lies in finding out who is that honest person in all financial dealings. There are some persons who are selectively dishonest. Astrology comes to our rescue and gives important clues on the character of the person. Let us now look at these rules. Mars or Ruhu without aspect of benefics and the 10 lh lord, being a natural malefic is in 4 aspected by malefics, the person will be dishonest.

Combinations for owning houses, vehicles and other conveyances In ancient times, owning a horse not only gave its owner a prestigious status but also served as a vehicle. Even today people purchase fancy cars, not just for the purpose of travel but also as a status symbol. In the western countries, people own even private jets so that they need not have to bother about availability of seats in passenger airlines. When treatises on astrology were written in India, animal-drawn vehicles were in use.

So, its authors while giving vent to their thoughts, while discussing the 4 ,fc house, wrote about horse-driven carriages etc. In modem limes, we need to slightly modify these views and interpret them in the light of changes in lifestyle brought about by advances in Science and Technology.

Venus and Jupiter. Note: the above verse emphasizes one basic premise in predictive astrology. But since there are three benefic planets, in conjunction with the 4 th lord, each one of them imparts its benefic quality to the 4 lh lord. One has to keep in mind an important logical deduction arising out of astrological analysis - whenever combinations for royalty are present, the immediate conclusion one should arrive at is, there is no need for any further examination of other fortuitous combinations gi ving rise to wealth, conveyance, houses etc.

Once a person becomes a King, naturally he will have all the wealth in his kingdom at his disposal, a palace with lots of servants and attendants, horses, elephants, all forms of conveyances and soldiers to defend the king and the kingdom. The following combinations can make one a King.

The following combinations give rise to the above yoga. A natural benefic owning a quadrant becomes subject to this dosha, when it occupies a quadrant, atural malefics do not suffer from Kendradipathya dosha, irrespective of where they are placed. When lords of 3,6 or 11 join a planet which suffers from Kendradipathya dosha, the dosha gets inten ified and such effects of the dosha will be felt in full. Let us now turn our attention to a few horoscopes with specific reference to the 4 th hou e.

The 4 ,h lord is not only the occupant of own navamsa. The 4 lh house is entirely free from malefic influences. Venus Mars. While the first one took a plunge in the river, he was overpowered by the currents. When the second one came to his rescue seeing their plight he was also dragged by the currents. The third member volunteered to rescue them both and in this process, all of them met with a watery grave.

Strictly speaking, life span is discussed in detail, while dealing with the 8 th house but for the limited purpose of pointing out the link between 4 rtl house and drowning incidents discussed earlier we will take up one rule and see its application in these charts. The drowning incident took place in Karnataka on 01 May Case-study, 3: The 4 lh lord from Chandra lagna is Sun, which is placed in Gemini navamsa. Both Sun and Mercury though in different signs are conjunct, since they are only 2 degrees apart. Case-study 4: The 4 lh lord Mercury is in Venus navamsa.

Both Venus and Mercury are in conjunction. Both Venus and Jupiter are in mutual aspect. In Rasi, Mars aspects Jupiter. The 4 lh house being a Watery sign stands vitiated by the Mars - Saturn conjunction. This chart partially satisfies the rules for drowning which requires the 4 ,h lord and its navamsa sign-dispositor to he in mutual aspect since Jupiter does not.

It also has vast spiritual connotations. To be born with an unblemished 5 th house is the biggest boon, that can be conferred on an Individual in the cosmic scheme of things. The Fifth House and its Implications T HE most important house for enabling us to understand a horoscope as a whole is the fifth house. The doctrine of " Poorva janma Karma "or merits of deeds carried forward or transferred from previous births to the present birth is totally covered by this bhava. Since karma theory states that. Significations of Fifth House The fifth house in any chart denotes: l Merits of previous births accumulated, but ready to be spent in the current birth.

In other words, the potential power of Sanchita Karma is reflected by the indications of the 5" 1 house. Neelakantan male or female, or possibility of getting both female as well as male children. It is used to denote the death of children. For instance, a strong Mars with malefic power in the 5th can lead to loss of children. It means. In this context. In that story, a person is exiled to Siberia for a murder not committed by him. Eventually the truth comes out. Many boys in our school were taught that the convicted person was never released, because he died before the release order came.

W hen the District Educational Officer came to our school for inspection, he put this question to our boys, who explained the story as taught to us, but finally the Officer brought out the essence of the story stating that the literal meaning of the words of the author should not be inferred. The person was not dead, but as good as dead, as he had almost lived his w hole life in a prison in Siberia. Applying this principle here, we may say that all afflictions to the fifth house need not result in actual demise of children, but perhaps may lead to dissatisfactory state of affairs with regard to children.

So the rules laid down in textbooks of Astrology need not be given their literal meaning. Activities which are speculative in nature may be predicted on the basis of planetary influences on the Fifth House. By looking at a chart, how can one say for sure that a particular event will happen?

Let us take the case of foreign travel. Planets such as Jupiter seldom take a native abroad. Such people eventually settle down abroad. In some cases an afflicted 4 ,h house can also give foreign settlement. So it is the fifth house, which instigates aperson to do something and what he docs or how he does that will come under the purview of the 10 th house.

Like this, there is a cascading effect felt on the horoscope as a whole. However, present day astrologers tend to look for success or failure in speculation by reading the 5 lh house, since success in speculation depends upon intuitive power. It may be quite correct to presume that a strong 5 ,h house leads to success in speculation, while a weak 5 ,h house would denote failure. Moreover activities such as stock market investments cannot be termed as just gambling, because there are lots of trained equity analysts, who guide people on investments.

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  • Gambling was known in ancient times, because we find references to the dice game in Mahabharata played between King Yudhishtra and Sakuni, but as gambling was considered as an activity leading to Adharma. But where mind itselfis the cause of disease, then it can be deciphered from a combined analysis of both 5 th and 6 lh houses. According to Bhagawad Gita, there are three gates to hell viz.

    When thoughts are focussed upon worldly objects, it leads to desire for them: unfulfilled desire leads to anger; anger leads to forgetfulness of the spiritual path. In everyday life, we know that when we think impartially or unbiasedly, we get all the right answers. But to be unbiased, the mind should be clear. Further a person need not think about anything, unless otherwise required.

    Unwanted thoughts themselves pose great danger. Such people can very easily get insomnia and hypertension. Lots of people spend many days, months or even years practising various mantras, pujas etc and one can hear some of them bemoaning their fate saying that all their spiritual practices constitute sheer waste of time and energy. In the latter case, more efforts will be required and even if such efforts meet with failure, one should find solace in the fact that good deeds of the present birth will get carried forward to the subsequent births; one who has done lots of good karma in earlier births will derive Mantra Siddhi very easily in the present birth and similarly gooddeeds of current birth will yield benefits in subsequent births, if not exhausted in this birth itself.

    Mantra Siddhi will be conferred during the dasa of the 5 d ' lord.

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    • Two important concepts need elaboration here. There is no difference between a mantra and the deity to which it is addressed. The mantras transform themselves into gods, who have unlimited powers or potentialities. The second point we need to note is that mantras represent a double-edged sword.

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      If recited properly, they become beneficial; if otherwise, they can produce untoward results. Expert in Mantra Sastra. Matemaluncle becomes famous, 7 Renowned, learned, prosperous. One's children settle down abroad. Predisposition to lung diseases One will become unhappy.

      Sannyas Yoga (Vedic Astrology) with Example Horoscopes

      One becomes a teacher oran exponent of some science with a spiritual bias. One also gets landed property and royal favour. One becomes rich and learned. Success in all ventures, Sons turn helpful. Sun is only a malefic and hence Sun in the 5th leads to unhappiness, unless it is otherwise well placed or influenced by benefics. Moon: One will be honest and bereft of enemies. Clarity of mind will be there.

      Speculative tendencies will be there. For Virgo lagna. Per se. Mars as malefic in 5 is not desirable, as it makes a person rash and disturbs the serenity of mind, always. But in general one will be well behaved, knowledgeable in law. Venus: Venus in the 5th gives good knowledge, especially in poetry and music. One will have taste for Fine Arts. Saturn : This is generally not a favourable combination. But if Saturn in this case is influenced by benefics, its evil potential is curtailed. The main reason why Saturn affects domestic life while in 5 is because it influences 4 key houses, the viz.

      Ketu : Afflicts progeny; stomach troubles arise. Onebecomesspiritual in outlook. The trinal lords are lords of 5 and 9. So if the lord of 5 joins a Kendra lord, a Raja yoga results then and there. Venus and Jupiter in a male horoscope. Expunge multiples of degrees. The sign arrived at indicates Bccja Sphuta. In a male, this sensitive point should fall in an odd sign and navamsa. Further, if benefits aspect this house, tt is all the more beneficial. The sign arrived at is called Keshtra Sphuta.

      This indicates the potential of a girl to beget a child. Case-study 1 is an example of female infertility. As discussed, it would be advisable to look at the Kshetra Sphuta using the formula mentioned above. Degrees mts. But the drawback here is that it is fairly close to Rahu and without benefic aspect in it This explains the problem related to the S'" house significations. When lord of the 5 th occupies the 5 ,h house itself, one will be an expert in whatever field one chooses to specialize.

      Additionally, one will be an expert in mantra sastra. It also gives excellent powers of concentration and intuition. All these are proved correct in the case-study 2. He is a Chartered Accountant, certified information systems Auditor and also a doctorate in Management. He has profound knowledge of Vedas and is an acclaimed authority on Vedic Management.

      Welcome to Sri Veeranjaneya Jyothishalayam || Vedic Astrology and Indian Horoscope

      When focussed meditation Upascinu is done on a particular deity, one will obtain Siddhi. Mantra- St'ddhf arises. V d who detunes Lard GamipiUi. From Chandra Lagna also, the lord of the 5 ,k is Vargottatna aspecting the 5 ,h house. Irv sdcntally. Neelakantan If the 6 th lord with a malefic is in the lagna or in the 8 th , the body will have sores or cuts. If the lords of lagna and 6 join Rahu or Ketu, one will get headache often. When lagna lord, 6th lord and Jupiter are conjunct, one will be free from diseases.

      I N our analysis of the 12 houses of Zodiac undertaken so far , we had a look at houses one to five, which are all auspicious by their very nature. Moving in serial order from Lagna onwards, we now descend on the first of the three Trika houses, which symbolize evil indications. If we look at the above list carefulK. But they not necessarily be good also. Kamsa was maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, but met with his end on account of his enmity with the latter.

      Taste for pickles is very common in some parts of India, but unless one is suffering from hypertension or cardiac problems, it cannot be classified as bad. If people stopped eating what their taste buds recommend and switch over to a healthy diet, everyone would become healthy". The human body is considered as the abode of diseases and pleasures Roga-bhogalaya.

      Simultaneously one can be experiencing pleasures and also suffering from diseases. An example of this would be a diabetic having coffee with sugar substitutes. In fact there are many shops now open during Diwali season which sell sweetmeats made using sugar substitutes. Some of the rules relating to the 6 ,h house and their impact on horoscopes. If the other planet happens to be Sun, there is threat of fever; If it is Moon, there is danger from water; ifit is Mars, there is dangerin battle field.

      When someone is having a cold, we say that we should not mix with them because the infection spreads through air. But how come doctors, who see infected patients day in and day out never fall sick? One view is that they would have inhaled several strains of these pathogens, that they should have developed sufficient immunity to it.

      Likewise one can really feel sick, when reading about the si xth house in any text book on Astrology. However we are going to get some welcome relief from that when we see the following rule: When the 3 planets in conjunction are lagna lord. I wish to spend a little time dwelling on this rule.

      Lagna lord denotes the body. Saturn denotes Air element. Linking all the three, the disease on account of the air element is felt in the body. S o this interlinking is important. That is how the disease gets transmitted. The same is the result, if your cable operator suffers a power-cut. So the programme emanates from the channel operator goes to cable operator and enters the TV in your house. The 6 lh lord joins Satum and vitiates the air element. The conjunction with lagna lord implies that you are getting the disease. You go to a doctor with a headache. Some analgesic is given, which is usually paracetamol or ibuprofen or a combination of both.

      The doctor might have made a diagnosis of what is wrong with the system. Supposing the patient were to have the combination mentioned above, how on earth the doctor is going to know that planets are the root cause of disease. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Satum is the planet of contraction. You can even say, Jupiter represents freedom, Saturn symbolizes loss of freedom and consequent suffering.

      Recently a person went to an Ayurvedic doctor seeking medicine for high blood pressure. The patient was perplexed. What the doctor said is true. Hypertension by itself is not a disease. It is a symptom of some problem in the system. If the liver or kidney is not functioning properly, your hypertension will go up. Apart from this, BP has several causes. In another case, a person went to a doctor with high BP. If you discontinue the BP drug, one fine day, the disease will strike without a warning.

      Usually the doctor is supposed to know more about the disease than the patient. I wish to state that Leucoderma is also a Pitta disorder. So, in the treatment of leucoderma, this is sometimes used. A word of advice needs to be given here. So if you take milk with honey the phlegm is controlled, but if you take milk with sugar, phlegm gets increased.

      So people who have problems with phlegm should as far as possible , avoid sweets , ice creams etc. Some basic concepts We now consider an example, where Saturn as the lord of 6 is in the 6 ,h house itself. This can happen in a case, where a person bom in Leo lagna has Saturn in Capricon.


      This also applies to Saturn here. Here all the quadrants and trines which are the main pivotal houses in any birth chart are exempt from Saturn's malefic aspect. So in a situation like this, we find occupation of Saturn in the 6 th house as a redeeming aspect of the chart. Overall if the chart is seen , this will make out a case for fluctuating fortunes. No doubt, this scenario is blessed with a lot of good points. But the relegation of the lord of fortune 9 th house lord to an evil house is an irreparable damage, which cannot be compensated, however well the other planets may be located.

      I have discussed both these planetary positions in detail , so that one can comprehend the subtle differences which crop up on account of difference in lordships and due to differences in the basic qualities of planets. When someone falls sick, we immediately try to give them rich foods, so that their immunity level goes up and their recovery is fast. Actually whenever someone falls sick, their food intake should be drastically reduced. Paya panam bhujanganam kevalam visha vardhanam. I know a person, who was perfectly healthy. He used to go for long walks and took considerable pride about his exercise habits and h i s health.

      One day, he went for a medical checkup. The doctor upon taking the test, pronounced that the person was a confirmed diabetic. The gentleman was so shocked that he went into some kind of depression. Was all the exercise he was doing not able to prevent the onset of diabetes? The answer is simple. Diabetes is a hereditary disease. So a single gene transmitted from parents at birth is enough to trigger this disease at a particular age. However in some cases, lazy people do get diabetes, because of their excessive food intake. A seminar in diabetes was held sometime back, when a foreign delegate said " Diabetes is a disease of prosperity '.

      It you see the statistics, rich people get it more often than the poor. The poor people who toil day in and day out are generally healthy, because whatever food they consume i s easily digested and the Calories are spent out. We hear people saying, that Amla Indian Gooseberry is good for health, because it contains Vitamin C.

      Amla is good for health, because it is anti-pitta. That it contains Vitamin C is incidental. All substances which are sour promote pitta, but Amla is an expection. Pomegranate fruit is another fruit which though sour will not promote pitta. Similarly substances of bitter and pungent taste will promote vata - exceptions being garlic and the herb called Gudici Tinospora Conlifolia.

      Similarly Abhaya Terminalia Chebida or 47 significations of 6th house Haritaki in Sanskrit , though an astringent substance, is hot in potency and non-obstructive in nature, contradicting the rule that Astringent substances are cold in potency and obstructive in nature. These unique herbs and plants find extensive use in Ayurvedic medicine. Sleep It is said in Ashtanga Hridayam that happiness, good physique, strength, knowledge and very existence of life in the body depend on good sleep.

      Sleeping at improper times and also lacking or over-indulging in sleep could destroy a person like kalaratri the goddess of death. Sleeping during daytime increases moisture in the body. Sleeping during daytime is not good for health, but there are a few exceptions like old people or people with indigestion can sleep during daytime.

      For a person with throat infection, even sleeping at night is supposed to be bad, which means sleep itself does only harm to a person with throat infection. Ojas is considered as the essence of Kapha or phlegm. Anger, worry, grief or exertion tends to decrease vata. Ojas when present in sufficient quanity in the body gives strength , nourishment and contentment.

      Please note that tea or coffee deplete Ojas. Narcotics such as opium , bhang etc will also deplete Ojas - same is the case with tobacco. Drinking of coffee once in the morning is okay, but try to avoid the second , if possible. Apart from depleting the ojas, it can disrupt sleep also. After taking coffee , if a person gets sleep , that sleep will only be shallow. Only deep sleep is nourishing to If the lagna lord, 6 th lord and Saturn join a quadrant or trine, a person will be imprisoned.

      A natural malefic in the 6th house is good for both health as well as happiness. Mars as a natural malefic in 6 is welcome. Planets and Body parts The correlation between the planets and body parts is explained in the following Table: Saturn - Nerves, Muscles. Mind and its rule in disease causation The Moon is the karaka of mind. So an afflicted Moon will cause diseases. How the mind works is a vast science by itself, but we will see a few concepts relating to mind. The job of the eye is to see, the ear is to hear and so on. The job of the mind is to gather all this information filter the same and give it to us for necessary action.

      Take the computer for instance. It does lots of jobs for us. But you are not the computer - you are the Master of the computer and the device is your servant. Likewise, you as the Atman or Soul are the master and the Mind is your servant. What happens if the servant conducts a mutiny and becomes the Master? For a vast majority of people in this world, this event has already happened.

      They are hapless victims caught in the trap laid by the Mind. Your free-will is completely lost. The only way to overcome the enemy is to become the witness of the Mind arid you once again begin to shine in all your glory. Mind is a very good tool when used properly, but when misused it takes over as Master and subjects the Inner Self to slavery. Once the correct use of mind is understood, you overcome all your mental problems or diseases and move over to the higher potential of Self-realisaton. Only then, you can transcend the mind to Pure Awareness, which is an entity outside the prisons called time, space and causation.

      We will now move on to a few case studies on sixth bhava. He travels alone in Public Transport buses and needs no help. All planets are in kendras, except Jupiter which is strongly placed in the 2nd aspecting the 6th house. The Lagna lord is debilitated, but the point to be noted is that according to Kalidasa in Uttarakalamritam.

      So we can say that Mars as the Lagna lord is as strong as it would be while in Capricorn. Since Mars owns the 6th house as well, the overall beneficial features have enabled the native to live a long healthy life. We just now discussed the rules about the disease in Rule 6 above but a little bit of explantion needs to be done while understanding the problem.

      Students taking up examinations know very well that an Examiner would like to coin new problems in the Question paper, rather than take a Model Problem from the textbook. The intention in that case would be to make the Examination look challenging. Being a Chartered Accountant myself I can say that what we study in the books for the CA course has nothing to do with the Exam where we see a totally new problem being discussed. Likewise one cannot find the same combination prescribed by Textbooks on Astrology, while reading charts. The Combinations may be similar but not the same.

      Rule 6 states that the conjunction of Lagna lord, 6th lord and Saturn would lead to rheumatism. Here, the Lagna lord Venus also happens to be the 6th lord and is debilitated. Two malefics - waning Moon and Mars afflict Venus by their aspect. An afflicted Saturn aspects the 6th house. Though the verbatim rule does not occur here we can say that effectively the rule which presupposes affliction to the Lagna,6th and Saturn is satisfied here. One more point that needs mention here is that the native met with an untimely death due to a car accident.

      More on this subject we shall discuss while dealing with the eighth house. Diabetes involves a link between Lagna lord,6th lord and either Jupiter or Venus. Here lagna lord Mercury is in Saturn aspects Jupiter which in turn aspects the 12th house. Mercury,Saturn and Jupiter are in three evil houses namely 6,8 and Venus also does not fare well, because it is very close to the 8th lord Mars. Diabeles is essentially a disease connected to Metabolism and therefore the serious afflictions to Jupiter and Venus and the unholy nexus between Lagna lord,6th lord and Jupiter cannot but lead to this chronic disease.

      The 7 th house at once, happens to be - The 7 house from lagna - -4 th house from 4 th - 10 th house from 10 So it is a key link for the 4 quadrant houses namely lagna, 4,7 and It is a th mirror image for Lagna. To be clear, just as 7 is the 7th house from lagna; while lagna is the 7 th house if we analyze a horoscope treating 7 th as lagna. Yuga Yoga I Akhanda Samrajya Yoga Vasarpati Yoga Ad hyatma Yoga Naga Yoga Padma Yoga Musala Yoga Yuga Yoga II Anguli Yoga Lavanya Yoga Harsha Yoga Sarala Yoga Vimala Yoga Duryoga Nabhasa Yogas Avayogas Deha Soukhya Yogas Pushta Deha Yoga Sthula Deha Yogas Karsharya Deha Yogas Rogi Deha Yogas Khalwata Yoga Viklanga Yogas Deha Durgandha Yogas Kapata Yogas I Haasya Yoga Chourya Yoga Navayovana Yogas Pishuna Yogas Kaatara Yogas Vaani Dosha Yogas Vaachala Yogas Badhira Yogas Balya Dhana Yoga Bhratru Dhanapti Yogas Janani Dhana Labha Yoga Suputra Dhanapti Yogas Shatruto Dhanapti Yoga Bharyato Dhanapti Yoga Pitru Dhanapti Yoga Dhana Yogas Dhana Yogas contd.

      Daridra Yoga Daridra Yogas contd. Rina Grasta Yogas Nirvidya Yoga Dhana Nasha Yogas Annadata Yogas Bhojana Prakara Yogas Kutumbi Yogas Sumukhadi Yogas Danta Vikara Yogas Andha Yogas Netraghata Yogas Netra Roga Yogas Bhratru Labha Yoga Bhratru Haani Yoga Bahu Sahodara Yoga Vikrama Yoga Yuddha Kushala Yoga Satkaryadirata Yoga Matru Sneha Yogas Matru Sukha Abhava Yogas Matru Deerghayu Yoga Matru Nasha Yoga Matru Vyabhicharini Yoga Kapata Yogas II Sajjana Yogas Sukha Prapti Yogas Dukha Prapti Yogas Paatala Rasi Prapti Yogas Prasadavana Yogas Bahu Griha Prapti Yogas Griha Nasha Yogas Shatruto Kshetrapti Yoga Bhoomi Vikreta Yogas Bandhu Poojya Yoga Vahana Yogas Buddhimaana Yogas Satvika Prakriti Yoga Praryutpannamati Yoga Chanchala Buddhi Yoga Jada Buddhi Yoga Heena Buddhi Yoga Trikalagya Yoga Upasana Yoga Guru Bhakta Yogas Suputra Yoga Eka Putra Yogas Bahuputra Yogas Aputra Yoga Kuputra Yoga Dattaka Putra Yogas Parajata Yogas Putra Abhava Yoga Mrita Santana Utpatti Yoga Kanya Prapti Yoga Garbhapata Yogas Putra Nasha Yogas Vilamba Santana Prapti Yogas Jara Putra Yoga Vipra Shapad Viputra Yoga Kuladeva Dosad Viputra Yoga Matru Dosad Viputra Yoga Pitru Dosad Viputra Yoga Sarpa Sapad Viputra Yoga Durdeva Sapada Viputra Yoga Vansa Vichheda Yogas Shatrunashaka Yogas Shatrupeeda Yoga Shatrumoolad Dhana Vyaya Yoga Shwana Bhaya Yoga Vrana Peetikadi Yoga Shatru Gyana Yogas Pitru Ninda Yoga Ekantottitha Roga Yoga Apasmara Yoga Unmada Yogas Kushta Roga Yogas Hridaya Roga Yogas Kshaya Roga Yogas Phuphus Avarana Sotha Yoga Kasa Roga Yoga Shoola Roga Yogas Pleeha Vriddhi Roga Yoga Pitta Roga Yogas Vaata Roga Yogas Peenasa Roga Yoga Mukha Roga Yoga Gandamala Roga Yoga Sweta Kushta Roga Yoga Pama Dadru Roga Yogas Arsha Roga Yoga Sisna Gaden Yogas Andakosha Vriddhi Yoga Mootra Krichha Roga Yoga Yona Roga Yoga Aartava Dosha Yoga Pakshaghata Roga Yoga Jalodara Roga Yoga Pishacha Peeda Yogas Matula Sukha Yoga Bahu Bharya Yogas Satkalatra Yoga Kupatni Yogas Vyabhichara Yogas Agamya Stree Gamya Yogas Punarbhu Bharya Yogas Samalaingika Yogas Bhaga Chumbana Yogas Bharya Nasha Yogas Rogini Bharya Yogas