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Russell Brand, the outspoken, big mouth, comedian, social guru, speaking up about changing our social norms! Tarantino has Eris conjunct Sun Mercury in Aries. We see the Eris archetype play out in various ways, as not every Erisian, is a blood thirsty killer, yet certainly stands out after making some radical moves. We may all feel very much left out in the decisions made by the gods, the ruling elites of our societies, the white supremacists that feel they own the world , the privileged one percent that claim superiority just because they have money!

We may feel helpless in being able to change the course of anything. I see Eris as the nudge we need to play our role, with out violence and bloodshed for fairness and equality for all genders, races and sexual preferences. In our own small ways collectively the ripples of change are moving through the world of which the consequences are not yet quiet evident, but are definitely being felt which this era we are living in quite obviously reflects. We like to think we had the guts to change the way the world looked at astrology.

It was time back in to begin to wear astrology like a badge of honour and pride, to put it our there with our gift of the internet and social media, to make it part of conscious directions for change in our world! Have you found your role in the Chaos of our times?

Eris is known as the Goddess of Discord which gives a clue to the energy she brings into our collective psyche.

5D Astrology 2016 – ERIS

Officially discovered on Jan 5 she caused discord in the Astronomical community, demoting Pluto, elevating Ceres giving a strong indication of her nature. We share a vision of the world soul, raising consciousness to the Anima Mundi, the universal energies and archetypal patterns that can be observed in the ceaseless cyclic movements of the cosmos. For millennia, humans have engaged with the cosmic sphere to seek meaning, guidance and inspiration. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, specials, discounts, events and general updates from our team.

Being left out, ostracised for being different The uninvited Revengeful and confrontational Putting up a fight against inequality, unfairness, injustice Think Pussy Riot, radical females arrested in Russia for their performance in a church in in Moscow Russia, when Saturn was opposite Eris in Libra Dark side of nature, struggle for survival Needing to speak out, do something about something Warning: careful of the consequences The Butterfly effect — when a butterfly flutters it s wings in the Amazon, this can cause a storm in Australia No action is too small!

We are reminded that our actions, however small can lead to and reverberate much further than we can imagine, given us a key in understanding the actions that we can take to perhaps help shift global dynamics as active agents of change. Chaos and Discord! More About Agent 12 Julija. As in all things astrological, we might say that is both good news and bad news — or, more precisely, that Eris, just like the rest of the symbols in astrology, represents a spectrum of possibilities , both high and low.

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It is not the planet itself but rather how human consciousness interacts with its wide archetypal field that determines what will actually happen. That is a principle I have never once seen fail in astrology across the board. Witness the discovery of Pluto in and the corresponding release of shadow-energy into the world, along with the psychological tools for wrestling with it.

Asteroid Picks—Eris

Could, for example, the nuclear age have killed us? Did it? The Cold War was scary, but humanity passed the test. As we will see, there is another side to her — one not so patently negative. In a nutshell, competition is not always a bad thing. But Eris is sometimes competitive in the darkest sense. She is violent, and delights sadistically in the pain of others. In her negative aspect, she likes to win, but not so much as she enjoys seeing you lose. Nothing satisfies her like your suffering. Or running down innocent people at a festival with a truck?

Or people shot for their skin color or for their uniform? The most obvious example here would be the American revolution of beating the discovery of Uranus by five years. That violent moment when the Twin Towers came down beat the discovery of Eris by four years, but it totally embodies the violent, sadistic dimension of this new addition to our daily astrological vocabulary. A planet is discovered at a moment of time — but deep psychological and mythic change in the zeitgeist cannot be pinned down to a single day on the calendar.

The discovery of a planet leaves its stamp on a generation, not on a moment. So far, I have mostly made our interaction with Eris sound like a dumb action movie designed to pander to the bloodlust of fourteen-year-old boys. That is surely part of it — but with this new planet, the Greek myths offer some deeper, more complex insights. The most commonly told Eris story in Greek mythology is about war and violence, but it is also kind of funny. And beneath the comedy lie some real insights. The tale recounts how the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite had been invited, along with the rest of the Olympians, to a wedding.

Eris had been snubbed because of her ugliness as well as her trouble-making inclinations. Which of them was the prettiest? To settle it, the hapless Paris, Prince of Troy, was appointed by Zeus to decide the winner. They also attempted to bribe him. Hera offered political power; Athena promised infinite wisdom; but sly Aphrodite tempted him with the most beautiful woman in the world. That was Helen, who unfortunately happened to be the wife of Menelaus of Sparta.

About Beth Turnage

Paris chose the girl, of course — and thus Aphrodite won the beauty contest. There is much in this myth for us to contemplate. Note for starters that the root cause of the violence was competitiveness among the three goddesses. In war, and almost all violence, people are always fighting over something — money, land, power, status, sexual partners.

Without desire, greed, and competition, there would be no war at any level. The dark face of Eris would not exist. There is another side to it though: without such competition, there might also be no progress. It may not be pretty, but we all get better pots and better music. Hesiod was writing two and a half millennia ago. For a contemporary illustration, think of the enormous success of the Toyota Prius. Dwindling oil supplies triggered competition among car companies. The creation of these kinds of more environmentally-friendly vehicles followed.

Simultaneously, and for similar reasons, the price of solar panels has been coming down while their efficiency increases.

Interpretations for Eris in the Astrological Chart

Whoever comes up with the best idea wins the money. In these cases, we all benefitted. But then along comes fracking — another new idea based on competition over petroleum resources. You can judge for yourself whether cheaper fuel for a few years is worth poisoning our water supplies for centuries. Other examples abound, some of them slippery to think about. A good thing or a bad one? Ask a hard-working taxi driver whose livelihood is falling apart. What about Airbnb?

Again — wonderful, unless you own a hotel or are looking for an affordable home to rent in a city with an active tourist trade. Long ago, a man beheld a steam shovel.

The point is only that Eris — or human competition — has two sides: it can better us all, or worsen everything. To keep balance in our understanding of Eris, we need to keep an eye on both perspectives. That, in a nutshell, is the trick with interpreting Eris.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Now, of course, competition has always been with us. It did not come into existence suddenly in As astrologers, we might simply say that we always see Mars and Aries in our charts. Nothing new there. One force driving it is that our resources are dwindling while populations increase. I think it is fair to observe that competition has taken on a new Eris-flavored edge of sheer sadism — the evil joy in the suffering of others.

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What would you see if you looked into the eyes of an armed shooter just before a murderous rampage? Or a suicide bomber about to pull the trigger in a crowded marketplace? It would chill you to the marrow. That is dark Eris. Go back to the myth. What are Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite fighting over? An apple? In a way, yes. But they are really fighting over the most quintessentially trivial question imaginable: who among them is prettiest?

Doors open for physically attractive people — and often close in the faces of those who are less attractive. That is a huge part of what the collective discovery of Eris means. But the beauty myth, while fascinating, is another Eris subject, outside the core point I am exploring here in this newsletter, which is runaway competition, pure and simple.

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Fighting over who is prettiest is just one face of it. If you are interested, I dive into the beauty issue in a longer program I did about Eris and Uranus which you can download in the store. Which one of them is the hottest? They were so desperate for that particular golden apple that they stripped naked and paraded in front of Paris. Humans are competitive; we all have Mars in our charts. Most of us would attack a bear with our fists if it were threatening our children.

But what happens when we bring that same fierceness into competition over trifles whose value we have inflated — trifles such as status, beauty and money? Broadly, the discovery of Eris coincides with a time of mounting competitiveness all over the earth. The answer is not that we should all simply stop competing. Good luck with that anyway. The questions the discovery of Eris raises are not simple — no more than were the questions raised by the discovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Asteroid Picks-Eris - My Site

But they are pressing at us, and vexing us, and the stakes are extraordinarily high. In a nutshell, with resources dwindling and population exploding, what will happen? On what kind of future will humanity decide? Think for a moment of the question of international migrants. Some are escaping from war, others from poverty. One perspective: Who likes the idea of their country being taken over by hordes of desperate, penniless outsiders from violent, alien cultures?

Another perspective: Who among us, if we ourselves survived a poison gas attack in Syria, would not do anything to get into Europe or America? Passions run high. People run for political office with little more to say than that.